“By far and away the best school I attended...” bullet2

Our Vision & Values

Values We aspire to...



“We value integrity and honesty, reflected in a person’s Christlikeness, throughout all aspects of school life.”


“We continue to value and demonstrate love and practical service to the community both locally and worldwide, in word and deed. Recognising Christ’s desire for the Christian community to be as He is: loving, forgiving, gracious to one another, personally humble and teachable.”


“We value a humble and loving attitude to God, a respectful attitude to all persons in authority, an attitude of empathy and compassion initiating within the school then extending out to the worldwide community to all peoples of other cultures, ethnicities and races. We respect each individuals worth and celebrate their individuality.”


“We value the development of a disciplined life reflected in attitudes, social skills and effective study habits. We encourage diligence and perseverance through steadfast endurance.” 


“We value the pursuit of excellence, across academic, service, sporting and performing arts within each student’s abilities and talents. We value and support leadership abilities in our students throughout the school and community.”

Innovation, Inquiry & Curiosity

“We value students as individual learners and celebrate their uniqueness. We encourage and promote creative and innovative methods of teaching.”


“We value the God given role of stewardship in conservation and care of our natural resources.”