“By far and away the best school I attended...” bullet2

Mission & Aims

Mission Statement

The school will assist parents by providing Christ-centred Biblically-based education, aiming for excellence, inspiring and training each student for effective leadership and service.

AimsMrs Mathew

The school aims to:
  1. Educate students in accordance with Biblical principles.
  2. Develop in students Biblical foundations of thought, centred on a personal knowledge and understanding of God, applied to all areas of life.
  3. Cultivate Christ-like character in students.
  4. Train students in basic skills as a foundation to all other learning.
  5. Help students to discover and develop their personal gifts, to fulfil God’s purposes for their lives.
  6. Provide a caring, encouraging and disciplined learning environment.
  7. Provide quality staff and support them in their tasks.
  8. Provide quality facilities and equipment as resources permit.