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Mission & Aims

Mission Statement

The school will assist parents by providing Christ-centred Biblically-based education, aiming for excellence, inspiring and training each student for effective leadership and service.

AimsMrs Mathew

The school aims to:
  1. Educate students in accordance with Biblical principles.
  2. Develop in students Biblical foundations of thought, centred on a personal knowledge and understanding of God, applied to all areas of life.
  3. Cultivate Christ-like character in students.
  4. Train students in basic skills as a foundation to all other learning.
  5. Help students to discover and develop their personal gifts, to fulfil God’s purposes for their lives.
  6. Provide a caring, encouraging and disciplined learning environment.
  7. Provide quality staff and support them in their tasks.
  8. Provide quality facilities and equipment as resources permit.

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The latest Education Review Office Report (2013) on Hebron Christian College has been publicised on the Government ERO website.

Read the review and see how well the school is performing. Click here

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Email: admin@hebron.ac.nz

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