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Excellence in Education

Academically, Hebron achieves consistently high results throughout jamesour primary, middle and secondary classes – even though we enrol students of all abilities.

Our results are the combination of many factors including quality teachers, educational methodology and low student to teacher ratios. However, academic excellence at Hebron is also attributed to the fact that we support the development of the “whole child”, including moral awareness and spirituality. This holistic teaching methodology is a significant factor in our success.

We provide quality learning environments, with quiet, orderly classes. Our small class sizes (between 19-24 children per class) enable strong teacher-student bonds to develop and every child to be known and valued.

Because Hebron students generally come from loving homes with high standards of behaviour, our teachers spend less time controlling behaviour and more time teaching. Students are on-task, attentive and learning.

Capping for past Hebron studentsJordan

Wednesday, sitting in the Aotea Events Centre, was a proud moment for me as Deputy Principal of Hebron and as a father. Three ex-Hebron students who finished their secondary schooling in 2013, were capped on Wednesday having completed the Bachelor’s degree in Architecture at the University of Auckland. One of the three being my son Jordan Breetvelt and the other two Cara Allen and Sophie Simpson. The success of these students can be attributed to the support from home and family, Staff at Hebron and Mrs Ha who groomed these three students for entry into Architecture with amazing portfolios and Excellence grades in NCEA Art. Out of an intake of 100 Architecture students that year three percent were from Hebron Christian College.

From the fourteen students that made up the original class at Hebron, seven have finished a Bachelor’s degree, five are completing their conjoint degrees, one is a Youth Pastor and part way through a Bachelor of Theology degree and one is working as a chief. Ten out of the fourteen have been studying at the University of Auckland, two at Auckland University of Technology and one at Carey Baptist College. Eight of the students, this year, are finishing their conjoint degrees or continuing with post-graduate studies. This is an amazing achievement and one we can all be very proud of.
Bruce Breetvelt,Deputy Principal

School leaver with NCEA Level 3 or above Compared with National results for 2012 to 2016

Hebron does not vet students coming to the school on academic ability, nor do we stop students from entering a course fearing they might not achieve and hence skew our results. At times this does effect the pass rate especially at Year 13 but in spite of this Hebron students do extremely well against National standards. 
Hebron in blue
National in black

Leavers graph-184-462

2016 NCEA Results

Again last year, we saw Hebron students achieving very well. Hebron does not vet students coming to the school on academic ability, nor do we stop students from entering a course fearing they might not achieve and hence skew our results. The table below is a record and comparison with the national results of all our students from the top performers to the ones with learning needs. 

Endorsements by Year Level                
National Certificate of Educational Achievement (Level 1) Hebron Christian College   National  
          Year 11     Year 11  
    Total Achieving Level 1     14     45,625  
    Achieved with Excellence   50 %   19.8 %
    Achieved with Merit     35.7 %   35.1 %
    Merit and Excellence     85.7 %   54.9 %
    Achieved     14.3 %   45.1 %
    Total NCEA pass rate       100.0 %   74.0 %
    NCEA Level 1 Literacy     100.0 %   91.2 %
    NCEA Level 1 Numeracy     100.0 %   89.9 %
National Certificate of Educational Achievement (Level 2) Hebron Christian College   National  
          Year 12     Year 12  
    Total Achieving Level 2     6     44,700  
    Achieved with Excellence   33.3 %   15.8 %
    Achieved with Merit     50.0 %   26.9 %
    Merit and Excellence     83.3 %   42.8 %
    Achieved     16.7 %   57.2 %
    Total NCEA Pass rate       75.0 %   77.0 %
    NCEA Level 1 Literacy     100.0 %   95.9 %
    NCEA Level 1 Numeracy     100.0 %   95.1 %
National Certificate of Educational Achievement (Level 3) Hebron Christian College   National  
          Year 13     Year 13  
    Total Achieving Level 3     20     31,040  
    Achieved with Excellence   15.0 %   14.5 %
    Achieved with Merit     45.0 %   28.2 %
    Merit and Excellence     60.0 %   42.8 %
    Achieved     40.0 %   57.2 %
    Total NCEA pass rate       91.0 %   63.0 %
    NCEA Level 1 Literacy     100.0 %   96.5 %
    NCEA Level 1 Numeracy     100.0 %   96.0 %

Outstanding 2011 NCEA ResultsNCEA 1

The 2011 Year 11 to 13 students are to be congratulated for their impressive NCEA results.
Of last year’s Year 11 students, 45% gained Certificate of Endorsement at Excellence, which means they gained 50 Excellence credits, an outstanding achievement! 30% of the class gained Merit Endorsement, requiring 50 credits at Merit or Excellence. The remaining 25% of the class achieved NCEA Level 1, to be awarded their Level 1 NCEA certificate.
At Level 2, 33% of students gained Merit Certificate Endorsement and 44% Achieved. The remaining 22% did not achieve their Level 2 certificate, however they were only a few credits below being awarded the certificate. 
Our 2011 leavers, the Year 13 class also gained outstanding results. 24% gained Certificates endorsed with Excellence. This is a very difficult task, and shows the high level of teaching and learning that takes place in the secondary programme here at Hebron. Across New Zealand, NZQA expects that approximately 7% of all Level 3 students will be awarded NCEA certificates endorsed with Excellence. 41% of our Year 13s gained certificates endorsed with Merit, 29% Achieved, and 6% did not Achieve NCEA Level 3.
Not only do the results look good on the whole, when analysed at individual student level it can be seen that the majority of students have worked very hard and been rewarded. While not every student achieves at the highest level, most pushed themselves to achieve at the best of their ability. Well done 2011 NCEA students!

Best Schools in Auckland…and the Worst!

The July 2012 copy of metro magazine featured the article "The Best schools in Auckland...and the Worst!  Did Hebron feature in the rankings? ….No! The editor stated we, along with 5 other schools, were too small! So the same information on Hebron's 2011 NCEA achievements was inserted into the data Metro quotes from the New Zealand Qulaifications Authority (NZQA) and the two tables for the following examination results can be now viewed: 2011 Auckland Schools NCEA Achievements

The results were:
Hebron Year 11:    10th school out of 71NCEA
Hebron Year 13:     2nd school out of 72
This is an amazing result for Hebron Christian College and gives the secondary staff and I a great sense of satisfaction and comfort to know we are performing exceedingly well and, overall, ensuring our students achieve outstanding results. Hebron parents, particularly those of you considering secondary education for your children, can be assured that, although small in size and lacking some of the facilities of larger state
and private schools, your child in our secondary school can succeed and gain top level qualifications in preparation for life after school.

Some Auckland schools do not feature in these statistics as they do not participate in the NCEA assessment system. Eg. Auckland Grammar School, Avondale College, Kings College, Kelston Boys High School, ACG Senior College & St.Peters College


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The latest Education Review Office Report (2013) on Hebron Christian College has been publicised on the Government ERO website.

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