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Our Distinctive Difference

The most effective education combines spiritual principles and academic excellence.

Genevieive 400Hebron demonstrates each year that Christian education can be delivered without compromising academic results, and that a student’s self esteem, confidence and drive are dramatically improved through an holistic, Christian approach to education.

We are proud of Hebron’s remarkable heritage and commitment to quality Christian education. Our school  consistently delivers excellent academic results in a nurturing Christian environment. We have seen that student self-esteem, confidence and drive are dramatically improved in this holistic and Christian approach to education.

A Hebron education is vastly different from other private and state schools. Hebron is committed to building partnerships with parents – working together to raise up young people who put God first in their lives and follow Him wholeheartedly, having learned to look at all aspects of life from God’s perspective.

A unique quality of Hebron Christian College is our integrated approach to Pastoral Care. Each teacher, as well as our specialist staff team, is committed to the daily care and counselling of students. It is an essential requirement for the effective development of all young people. This is a daily process which we actively encourage and train our teachers to facilitate.

The benefits of a composite school

One of the many things families love about Hebron is the fact that we are a composite school, enrolling children from five year old New Entrants to the oldest secondary student in Year 13; a one-stop-shop.

ph256 25Parents enjoy the convenience of delivering all of their children to the same location, saving driving time and morning stress. The students enjoy continuity and consistency in school philosophy, teachers and peer groups, without the challenges associated with shifting schools. Our older children mentor younger students and shared activities include weekly one-on-one reading sessions and mixed-age teams on some of our sports days.

This unique composite environment provides younger students with positive senior student role models and at the same time, helps to develop leadership skills and a caring outlook in our senior students.

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10 Reasons to Enrol Your Child at Hebron Christian College

1. Above Average Academic Results

Hebron students of all ages, achieve, on average, better results in all academic subjects than children in state schools. National tests such as the Progressive Achievement Tests (PAT), E-asttle testing and the secondary National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) regularly demonstrates superior attainment by Hebron Christian College students. Check out the placings of 96 Auckland secondary schools...Hebron came 10th!  Click here

2. Christian Curriculum & ValuesBible 007

All curriculum topics taught at Hebron Christian College is in agreement with Christian principles and Bible truths and is presented in an integrated manner so students understand, that, as Scripture states, there is no aspect of knowledge and therefore teaching or learning in which God is not central. (See Romans 11:33-36, Colossians 1:15-17)

3. Loving & Nurturing Environment

All Hebron Christian College teachers are committed to demonstrating the love of God in all aspects of school life. The welfare and happiness of their students is of utmost importance as happy and secure students learn well and work hard. Wrong or inappropriate behaviour is corrected through wise and loving admonition and godly instruction and thus helping such students to develop good character and work ethos.

4. Small Class Sizes

Average class sizes at Hebron Christian College are between 20 – 24 in number, much smaller than most neighbouring schools. This allows teachers to spend more time with their students in 1-on-1 tuition and help. The New Entrant class has between 10 -16 students and this varies either way according to enrolment “blips”. Sometimes classes contain 2 levels but this does not disadvantage the class progress and individual learning.

rm 7 2011 term 1 0015. Exceptionally Good Student Behaviour

Hebron Christian college students are well-behaved and respectful of staff and one an other. They learn good behaviour and manners in their homes and this is re-enforced in the school where they are taught to follow the commandment of Jesus who said, Love one another as I have loved you. If a child does not behave well, teachers correct that deficiency in a caring manner and sometimes talk to the child’s parents so that home and school can work together to bring about a pleasing result.


6. Quiet Orderly Classrooms

Hebron classrooms are quiet busy places where the students respect and obey their teacher and are attentive to instructions. Consequently good learning is achieved and work is completed. Furthermore, teachers do not waste time gaining order but are able to use classroom time to teach and impart knowledge, give one-on-one assistance and build an atmosphere of trust.

7. New Entrant to Year 13ameliaandjessica200

Hebron Christian College is a composite school that incorporates primary, intermediate and secondary all on one site. Like a family with varying aged children, the school is a one-stop education facility for the whole family. The older children become excellent role models for the younger children and activities throughout the year develop the nurturing skills of the older children eg. wet weather classroom supervision, tabloid sports, etc.

8. Peaceful, Non-violent & Anti-Bullying School

As a Christian school, staff and parents want and expect peaceful and non-violent relationships within the school. Any form of bullying or intimidation is prohibited and if seen or brought to our attention, quickly acted on and extinguished. Hebron playgrounds are exceptionally peaceful and happy places and children feel safe and secure. Hebron does not have issues with drugs, alcohol, sexual immorality and other vices present in many secondary schools.

grace9. Educated to Serve

The school motto states, To know Him, To love Him, to Serve Him and Christian services is an important element in the school. James says I demonstrate my faith by my works. Even the youngest are encouraged to help the needy, support Daffodil Day, make up a Christmas shoebox for the poor in Cambodia, etc. The older students chose to prepare on go on a 3-week mission to a Third World country every 2 years. Ten missions to the Philippines and Tanzania have all been highly successful and life-changing for the participating students & staff.

Wacky Wednesday

10 Hebron is a Fun school to be at

Schools should be fun places and Christian schools should bubble with the joy of the Lord. Many fun events such as Wacky Wednesday, Book Character Parades, Celebration Days, Pet Days, Year 13 last day antics, etc occur on the school calendar and are thoroughly enjoyed by students and staff alike.


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