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2017 Mission To Tanzania

Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th July

The 2017 Hebron Christian Colleges 1 AkAirport Mission Trip to Tanzania is underway. The 12¼ hour trip from Auckland to Bangkok was a long ordeal but somewhat helped along with plenty of doses of film watching and eating. We then had a 6hr layover and this allowed us to have a Burger King meal, time for diary and devotion writing, a little shopping and a bit of shut-eye lying on a couch or chairs. The 8½ hour trip from Bangkok to Addis Ababa leaving at 2:30am in the morning required a ban on movie watching and a compulsory sleep. Needless to say, some looked very bleary-eyed when we stumbled into the Ethiopian airport at 7am. Then there was another 3 hour layover before catching the 2½ hr flight into Kilimanjaro Airport. As in other years, the visa and customs processing was extremely slow and it took us around 3 hours to get out to the waiting New Life Foundation staff. Unfortunately, one of Natasha brooking’s suitcases did not show up so please pray with us that it will be found.

We are staying in a small hotel run by a lovely American lady who had, in the past, worked in Tanzania with street boys. It is spacious, clean and safe. We had a lovely chicken dinner and then it was off to bed for an early night and a chance to catch up on a lot of lost sleep. So, all in all, a safe journey up to Tanzania. Tomorrow we have the formal New Life Foundation Welcome, interaction with the primary children and participation in an outreach crusade. Bless all our families back in NZ. Please keep us in your prayers.
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Friday 7th July - Welcome & Crusade

We all thought we would we would sleep right through to the morning but forgot we were in Africa. A massive dog fight next to our guest house woke most of us up around 3:30 this morning. When that finally finished, we nodded off again only to be woken by roosters crowing about 2 hours before dawn. A Muslim call to prayer around 6am and the body clock adjusting to a new time zone meant we were all up very early ready for our first full day in Africa.

After a hearty breakfast including omelettes, we were addressed by Pastor Glorious’ wife, Josephine, who spoke to us about cultural aspects of Tanzania eg. Greetings, dress code, respect for elders, etc. At 9.45am we headed up to the welcome from the New Life Foundation orphanage and school.

We were walked onto the property behind the local Police band. Then it was the turn of the orphanage children to dance a welcome dance and hand us personalised cards. Various groups and departments of the Foundation performed for us in dance and song and spoke on how much Hebron Christian college had been a blessing in so many ways. Some of the boys with Masai backgrounds performed a lovely Masai song which included the jumping up and down.

The Hebron team performed their Maori songs and haka – much looked forward to by the Tanzanians. They(Hebron) didn’t disappoint and they received loud applause for the two songs and haka. They especially enjoyed the pois. The Samoan dance which followed was also enjoyed very much by our audience. At the conclusion of the welcome, the students were able to mingle with the NLF students. Miss brooking was surrounded by her past students which she taught in 2015 and I had the opportunity to catch up with my sponsored child which my wife and I have been sponsoring for the last 12 years. Deborah is now 16 years old.

We then headed back to the guest house for a scrumptious lunch and a short break before we headed off to Sambarai, a district not far from the orphanage where Pastor Glorious’ church had set up a stage and sound system for a 3-day outreach. Before the event started, we combined with NLF students and went door to door inviting people along to the outreach (they call them crusades). Young people from Pastor Glorious’ church sang songs and danced before it was Hebron’s chance to perform. We did our usual Maori/Pasifika songs and dances plus two Gospel dramas which were thoroughly enjoyed by the 100+ attendees. Pastor Glorious gave the message and about 30 adults and children came forward for salvation and healing prayer. During this prayer time, about 6 girls and woman starting manifesting and were taken to a nearby building where evil spirits were cats from them and sanity restored (the area is well known for witchcraft, alcohol consumption and prostitution.) The evening wound up with some joyful dancing which our Hebron students took a full part in. Then it was off to the guest house, dinner, diary writing and another early bedtime. Everyone had a wonderful time in Africa today.
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Saturday 8th July

Sightseeing was set down on the programme for the morning’s activities. We jumped on our coaster and headed towards Mt.Kilimanjaro, the largest mountain in Africa. Upon reaching the lower edges of the mountain, we drove for about 15 minutes on an upward slope, noting the cooling temperature and the lush, green vegetation. We then stopped at the Kilimanjaro “caves”, man-made underground tunnels and living areas made by the Chagga tribe to escape the raids by the lowland Masai warriors during times of drought. They lost all their food stores and animals during the raids but kept themselves safe by hiding in the caves and tunnels until the Masai left the area. We saw how they devised ingenious ways of ventilating the tunnels, protecting themselves from invaders and even drained water away if the Masai tried to flood them out.

After inspecting some traditional grass huts, we then learned how coffee is harvested and made. The red coffee beans are picked off the coffee bush and are crushed to separate the bean from the husk. The bean is then crush in a wooden bowl and the fine coffee powder is gathered using a fine mesh filter. Then comes the roasting…the beans are heated in a pot over a fire until brown but not burnt. We all had the opportunity to try a cup of coffee that had just been harvested off the coffee bush before our very own eyes. Then it was the bus trip back to our guest house for lunch.
After lunch it was time to minister at the juvenile prison – a remand prison for youth awaiting sentencing for various crimes as serious as murder. Seven boys and three girls with ages ranging from 14 to 17 watched our Maori kapahaka, Samoan dance, a short gospel drama and testimonies and object lessons from two students, Nikhil and Sophia. They were told how much God loved them, how their sins were dealt with by Jesus on the cross and how they could invite Jesus to be their Lord and Saviour. Each Hebron student and a NLF student translator spent time with each inmate and two of them asked Jesus into their lives. Hallelujah!

We then travelled over to the Sambarai Crusade and just had time to perform “The Life of Jesus” drama before Pastor Glorious preached his message. And what a message! About 70 people came forward for salvation and remained behind for prayers of healing. Like yesterday, 3 young and old people reacted violently as they were tormented by demons but prayers of deliverance set them free. The Hebron students have been absolutely wonderful in the way they have performed, participated in prayer times and the way they have spontaneously engaged with the Tanzanian folk. There was certainly a lot of excitement on the bus on the way home and at the dinner table as they recounted the event of the day. Another momentous day in Africa! 
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02TortoiseS 12HutS
03HutInsideS 04UndergroundS
05Coffee1S 06Coffee2S
07JailS 08ChildrenS
09Children2S 10DramaS

Sunday 9th July

Today was sleep in time…8am although some were up a lot earlier. After breakfast we met in the guest house lounge for a time of praise and worship, individual reflections on the trip to date and planning for the church service at the ICC (International Christian Centre) at 10am. But somehow the bus driver wasn’t told the actual name of the church we were to go to and end up driving us to the church Pastor Shoo’s wife Josephine has recently planted at Sambarai. She was as surprised as we were to see us turn up but found space for us to sit and happily created time in the service for us to perform our Samoan dance and Abi Nacario to give her testimony. Meanwhile back at ICC, Pastor Shoo and Colin Marshall, the preacher for the morning, were wondering where we were. They coped without us and hope to have us performing there next Sunday!

After lunch back at the guest house, we had a relaxing time before heading off to perform at the Sambarai Crusade for the last night. Small teams of 2 Hebron and 2 NLF students walked around the neighbourhood encouraging people to attend the crusade. We performed The Tale of Two Kingdoms” drama for the first time in Africa on this tour and if went exceedingly well. The audience reacted positively and when the gospel message was preached about 60 came forward for salvation and prayer.

We returned to the guest house for dinner and the safari tour guide spoke to us about the preparations for the two-day trip to the national Parks starting tomorrow. Then it was off to bed for an early start in the morning. 
1 NewChurch 2Drama
3Drama2 4Drama3
5Drama4 6Drama5
7Drama6 8Glorious


Monday and Tuesday 10-11th July

Monday morning saw us up before 6am for a 6:30am start and heading off to our safari.  Leaving Mr Matthews to video the sponsored children we traveled by Toyota Land Cruisers to the first of the parks - Taranageri.  This park is famous for its supply of elephants and we were not disappointed.  Monday night we headed to a safari lodge for the night not far from the entrance to the Ngorongoro National Park. The lodge was beautiful and set high on the slopes of Ngorongoro.  The food was wonderful and everyone did it justice.  Another early start saw us head into Ngorongoro National Park and enjoy a host of animals and scenes.  At the end of the day we headed back on the long journey to Moshi.  We have arrived full of wonderful scenes and experiences, a happy but tired team.  
InVan RuthArrun
Scene Dinner
TeamLodge MHuts
Stock Wbuffalo


Wednesday 12th July

Today was to be a day spent primarily at the New Life Foundation primary school.  It was a time to see the children in their classrooms and experience what their lessons were like and to share with them.  This was a very moving time as the difference between lives became very obvious.  At the start of lunch time the pupils shared a piece of their normal lunch with the team before the team left for lunch in town.  Again the contrasts were a stark reminder of how blessed we are.  The standard meal for the pupils is a meal that looks and has the consistency of something like cold porridge, today served with a bean sauce.  We also saw some of the work that has started on some new classrooms and workrooms.  Such projects take quite some time to complete as they are reliant on outside donations yet they are essential to the continuing functioning and growth of the New Life Foundation.  Without the work of NLF many of these young people would not be alive or they would exist in horrible circumstances. Instead they are fed, housed and come to know the love of the Lord in their lives.
Meal2 Meal1
Bldg1 Bldg2
LunchTown LocalGroup

Thursday 13th July

Today was Prayer Day, a day when all the staff and students of the New Life Foundation fast and pray. Hebron staff and students unanimously agreed to fully participate and fast, going without breakfast, lunch and snacks in order to sharpen our spiritual senses.  Upon arriving at the orphanage, the whole school and staff were sitting under huge marquees while the musicians were setting up the music and sound gear on the stage. After a short wait we were underway with some wonderful praise songs led by their student worship leaders. Different departments of the school staged songs and dramas highlighting the need to have a pure heart, invite the Holy Spirit into our hearts and totally trust in God. Miss Natasha Brooking organised and led one of those dramas and Mrs Monique Douglas (ex Hebron parent, Hebron BoT member and Deputy Chairperson of the NLF(NZ) Trust) also used Hebron students to dramatise another spiritual truth.

Then it was down to prayer. We were all divided up into 5 teams to circulate every 35mins at the following prayer stations: 1) Soaking in God’s presence  2) Prophetic messages  3) Intercession  4) Receiving prayer  5) Giving thanks. It was quite amazing to see even the very young children participating in these prayer activities and gaining much from it. At around 2.30pm we wrapped up the day with some beautiful worship songs and then broke the fast by eating sweet doughnuts and extra sweet tea.

And if we didn’t have enough praise and worship time during the day, the team went back to the orphanage to enjoy an evening of praise, worship and dance at the Secondary School Praise and Worship night. And do Africans know how to praise, worship and dance!!! Our students learnt new dance moves and Sarah Doss plans to teach them at the Hebron Senior Secondary ball next term! We finally got back to our guest house at around 10:30pm ready to hit the sack but having enjoyed a very fulfilling and God-blessed day with our African friends.


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Friday 14th July

Every 2 years, the New Life Foundation hold a conference in which all the older secondary students attend and parents of NLF children are invited along with the representatives of NLF groups in USA, New Zealand, Korea and Norway. We joined the conference at 10am, participated in some worship songs then heard speeches by the Directors of NLF, Glorious and Josephine Shoo, the NLF Board Chairman, Department Heads, NLF Accountant and overseas NLF leaders. Speeches were interspersed by student testimonies. One student whose father died in an accident while she was in her mother’s womb, shared the harrowing story of been raised in a neglected manner due to her mother’s mental health problems. She was eventually removed by authorities in a precarious state and given to her uncle who passed her onto the NLF as a 3-year old baby. She is now 19 years old, educated, healthy, Christian and keen to become a doctor. She honoured the staff of NLF for their compassion and care and now works voluntarily at NLF before she starts her studies. The morning, as usual in Africa, finished with some lively dancing and praise and worship.

In late afternoon, the team visited a fish and vegetable farm not far from the orphanage. The grandson of the original farmer, Go Lucky, show us his catfish ponds where the baby catfish are hatched, grow to fingerlings, moved into the larger ponds then after 6 months sold to the local markets. Drained water from the fish ponds is stored in huge water tanks and slowly dripped fed to the maize, avocados, banana trees and other vegetable plants. They even grow ducks, hens, turkeys and rabbits for food on the site. Mrs Scott, our environment and sustainability teacher at Hebron, was in her element, asking delving questions. Looks like Hebron will be having catfish ponds soon!

After dinner and back at the guest house, we had a lovely time of Praise and Worship followed by an evaluation of the Prayer Day and the Praise and Worship evening. All the students gave positive feedback on both events and said they gained hugely from both. They are also very keen to have another Praise & Worship evening, maybe next week. 

We are all well and abundantly happy here in Africa. The trip is proceeding extremely well and all students and staff members are absolutely thrilled they committed themselves to this adventure, not just for the cultural experiences but the amazing and stretching spiritual challenges and blessings that have come their way. God is good all the time.
1 Sharing 2 Testimony
Students testify to changed lives. A moving testimony from Christina.
3 Haka 4 Dance
Our students perform items ...  ... which are much appreciated.
5 Alumani 6 Scene
Alumni attest to their ongoing successes and God's blessing. Performing in the sun to an appreciative crowd.
7 Catfish 8 Irrigation
Growing large catfish for consumption and sale. Modern, to the plant, irrigation systems pay off.
9 Maize 10 Veges
Good water and techniques lead to good crops of maize ... ... and vegetables.
11 Turkeys 12 BanaAvo
Various birds (chickens, turkeys) and rabbits ... along with avacados, bananas etc add to the menu.
13 Ponds 20 Sun
Ponds to grow the fish (up to 30,000 of them!) Evening under the Tanzanian moon.

Saturday 15th July

The second day of the New Life Foundation Conference was held in the Moshi township. We joined the NLF students and teachers at a parade ground about 2 km from the conference centre and marched behind the Police band with the morning traffic held up as we proceeded down the main road.

The special guests at the conference were the Hon. Anna Mgwira, Regional Commissioner of the Kilimanjaro area, Hon. Jaffrey Michael, Member of Parliament for Kilimanjaro and a senior representative of the Kilimanjaro Police District. All three spoke eloquently about the great work being achieved by the New Life Foundation and thanked the NLF directors, Board members and staff for their commitment to the poor and neglected children in the region.

The Hebron students were invited to perform their Maori songs and haka and the dignitaries were very impressed with these items, especially the haka. Pastor Glorious reminded the conference that the haka is performed before the All Black matches and could be the reason the All Blacks are the best rugby team in the world.

NLF students performed various dances and songs and three of their students gave powerful testimonies of God’s transformational work in their lives. Hebron students Sarah Scott, Sophia Nobbs and Nikhil Chauhan voluntarily stepped forward to share their thoughts on what it meant to go deeper in God. They spoke brilliantly.

The conference ended around 5pm when various people and organisations (including Hebron) were given certificates of appreciation for their involvement with NLF over the years.

It’s going to be an early bedtime tonight – we’re up early for a 7:30am church service and a second service at Pastor Glorious’ church at 10:30am.


1 Parade 2 Josh Drama
3 PoiDance 4 DistController

Tuesday 18th July

We started our early morning devotions with the primary and secondary classes this morning. Three students (Sarah Doss, Geoff Chen and Rejoice Falaniko) took the secondary devotions with Mr Matthews. The secondary NLF devotions was one whole group of about 90 students. The Hebron students led them in two worship songs after which Geoff do one of his super doper card tricks to prove nothing is impossible to God (interesting theology). Rejoice sung a beautiful song entitled “For Your Glory” after which Sarah gave her testimony. Mr Matthews then delivered a 10min Bible talk on strengthening oneself in the Lord (1 Sam 30:7).

The NLF Primary classes were organised into 4 groups:

Grade 1 & 2 Ruby and Mr Chauhan taught the children the story of David and Goliath

Grade 3 & 4 Sarah Scott and Mr Doss used the Parable of the 10 talents to show the children to use their gifts wisely and for God’s glory

Grade 5  Joel & Miss Brooking used Exodus Ch 17 to talk about Moses raising his arms to God

Grade 6 & 7  Abby, Nikhal, Mrs Scott & Mr Marshall saw Abby share her testimony, Nikhal demonstrate an object lesson on freedom in Jesus and Mr Marshall teach the parable of building on the rock as interactive drama.

The team then assembled at the secondary school and ran workshops for the NLF students including:

Drama taught by Nikhil, Music taught by Sarah Doss, Dance taught be Sarah Scott, Sudoku taught by Mr Matthews, First Aid taught by Abi, Sarah Scott and Joel and Samoan dancing taught by Rejoice. After morning tea, each group got the chance to perform including a spontaneous haka from the older secondary boys.  The Hebron and NLF students are forging great relationships and the students are asking for more time to spend with one another.

After lunch the Hebron students ran a 2 hour tabloid sports programme with the primary children. Games included: Circle chase, Dog and the Bone, Statues, What’s the Time Mr Wolf?, Dress Up Relay, Under & Over, Netball Goal Shooting, Toss the Tennis ball, Bubble Blowing and Musical Chairs. A great afternoon enjoyed by all.

5 TeamWithDignitaries


Sunday 16th July

It was up early for 2 Sunday morning church services today. Our first was at El Shaddai Assemblies of God Church where we have attended each of the past 6 mission trips. Originally pastored by Glorious Shoo, it is now pastored by Elisha Mahene who was the Assistant Pastor and is also the husband of Mary Mahene who visited Hebron for 6 weeks in 2007.We performed our Maori and Samoan dances, staged two short Gospel dramas and Nikhil and Sarah Doss gave object lessons and testimonies. Mr Marshall preached a sermon from Matthew 14:22-33, where Peter attempts to walk to Jesus on water. We too need to fasten our eyes on Jesus and not be discouraged or distracted by the affairs of the world and “the cares of other things”.

When that service was finished it was onto the coach and off to ICC Church, Pastor Glorious church, which we accidentally missed last Sunday. Again, the team performed dramas, songs, object lessons (Geoff Chen) and testimonies (Joel). Rejoice and Sophia sang a lovely duet too. Then it was Mr Matthews’ turn to preach. His text was Romans 5:17 and the message was knowing your identity in Christ, being the head and not the tail.

After a 2 hour break back at the guest house, we travelled to Mwenza Hospital where we joined up with NLF students and ICC church members, walking through the wards (non-contagious) and offering to pray for the patients. Invariably the patients agreed and the students offered them prayers of healing and faith. Seven patients gave their lives to God. The hospital conditions shocked many of us used to conditions in NZ hospitals. Patients had to bring their own pillows and linen and relatives had to bring their daily meals. Yet, there were committed doctors and nurses that were doing all they could to treat these injured and sick people.

We have a sleep-in and a rest morning tomorrow before undertaking more interaction with the primary school children. Please continue to pray for the team.

1 ElShaddai 2 Nikhal
3 Ruby 4 Sophia
5 Geoff 6 SarahD
10 OnBus 8 Hosp1

7 Sambarai

Monday 17th July

Our plan to run early morning devotions at the primary and the secondary school today was changed on Sunday night to allow the team to have a well-deserved rest. We all had the morning off to sleep in, have a late breakfast, do our small-item washing and lounge around and chat.

After lunch we headed up to the NLF primary school where the Hebron students ran workshops teaching drama, colouring in, music, Kapahaka, First Aid and dominoes. The NLF children were then given the opportunity to demonstrate their new-found skills and they did brilliantly. For example, they learnt one of the Maori songs 5x faster than it took the Hebron students to learn it before the trip!

After a short time of mixing with the NLF children, they were called away to do their duties. The Hebron students then joined the Hebron adults praying for the NLF teachers and support staff. They greatly appreciated this prayer and encouragement.

Then it was back to the guest house for dinner, an after-dinner briefing and off to bed. We will, however, be getting up early tomorrow morning to run primary and secondary devotions starting at 7:30am. So it’s off to bed.

1 Poi 2 FirstAid
3 Drama 4 dominos
5 staff prayer 6 Worship

Tuesday 18th July

We started our early morning devotions with the primary and secondary classes this morning. Three students (Sarah Doss, Geoff Chen and Rejoice Falaniko) took the secondary devotions with Mr Matthews. The secondary NLF devotions was one whole group of about 90 students. The Hebron students led them in two worship songs after which Geoff do one of his super doper card tricks to prove nothing is impossible to God (interesting theology). Rejoice sung a beautiful song entitled “For Your Glory” after which Sarah gave her testimony. Mr Matthews then delivered a 10min Bible talk on strengthening oneself in the Lord (1 Sam 30:7).

The NLF Primary classes were organised into 4 groups:

Grade 1 & 2 Ruby and Mr Chauhan taught the children the story of David and Goliath

Grade 3 & 4 Sarah Scott and Mr Doss used the Parable of the 10 talents to show the children to use their gifts wisely and for God’s glory

Grade 5  Joel & Miss Brooking used Exodus Ch 17 to talk about Moses raising his arms to God

Grade 6 & 7  Abby, Nikhil, Mrs Scott & Mr Marshall saw Abby share her testimony, Nikhil an object lesson on freedom in Christ and Mr Marshall teach the parable of building on the rock as interactive drama.

The team then assembled at the secondary school and ran workshops for the NLF students including:

Drama taught by Nikhil, Music taught by Sarah Doss, Dance taught be Sarah Scott, Sudoku taught by Mr Matthews, First Aid taught by Abi, Sarah Scott and Joel and Samoan dancing taught by Rejoice. After morning tea, each group got the chance to perform including a spontaneous haka from the older secondary boys.  The Hebron and NLF students are forging great relationships and the students are asking for more time to spend with one another.

After lunch the Hebron students ran a 2 hour tabloid sports programme with the primary children. Games included: Circle chase, Dog and the Bone, Statues, What’s the Time Mr Wolf?, Dress Up Relay, Under & Over, Netball Goal Shooting, Toss the Tennis ball, Bubble Blowing and Musical Chairs. A great afternoon enjoyed by all.


1 Waiting 2 Music
3 crowd 4 game1
5 game2 6 Kili

Wednesday 19th July

It was another early rising so that we could run the primary and secondary devotions at 7:30am this morning. A new group took the secondary devotions: Joel Collecutt gave an object lessons on the importance of footwear and how God’s Word protects us in life, Nikhil used his wire puzzle to show us how God can untangle our muddled lives and Sarah Scott gave a testimony and the way friendships pulled her away from God and the need to keep this in balance.

The Primary devotions went well. As the students entered their classes to teach the children all erupted with songs of praise and worship. Mr Chauhan’s group re-enacted the story of Daniel in the lions’ den. Abi shared her testimony with Grade 1 and 2 and taught the children new songs which were quickly learnt. All the students did a fantastic job teaching the Word of God.

Then it was off for our social visits. Mr Matthews’ group visited the family of a NLF boy Gideon. We met the parents and also the blind sister of the father. She had been blind since childhood and raped as a teenager. They lived in stick and mud rooms (hardly able to be called a house) and lived “hand to mouth”. We blessed them with a food parcel in which they were very thankful. The second family was headed by a severely crippled mother who was struck down by Polio in her childhood. She had to walk around like she was walking on all fours. Her husband had run away when her daughter was in her womb. Again, they all lived in stick and mud rooms and the mother survived by begging on the streets of Moshi. We gave her a food box too but she reciprocated by giving us a huge bunch of bananas, about 20 huge avocados and a baby banana tree. We all left these homes feeling very grateful for the comforts and facilities of Western living.

Mrs Scott’s and Miss Brooking’s group spent this time in a village visiting four of the nursery children homes. It was heart breaking at times hearing the stories of these families. A common theme they found in the village was there were many Grandmothers raising and looking after young grandchildren as if they were their own children. Unfortunately, these old grandmothers were on their own having to provide and care for these young ones – because they are old they cannot get much work – therefore they struggle to provide for the basic things. The team spent time talking with them, praying and prophesying over them. They gave them the food box which was received with great joy and appreciation.

In the afternoon we returned to the NLF primary school and performed the “Tale of two Kingdoms” drama which some of the older students remember seeing in previous visits. At the conclusion of the drama, the Hebron girls taught the NLF girls netball skills and organised a game. The Hebron boys and male adults took the boys up to the soccer field (actually a bare dirt “field”) and formed two teams, Tanzania and New Zealand (with the help of about 20 Tanzanian boys). The game was played under the shadow of Mt.Kilimanjaro, looming up above us. The game was played with much passion and the 1-1 score was to everyone’s satisfaction.  Another wonderful day in Africa.


1 Devotions 2 Visit1
3 Visit2 4 Visit3
5 Visit4 6 Games

And yes ladies ... the men are doing a great job helping with the washing...
7 Men

Thursday 20th July

It was off early to the Primary and Secondary devotions for the last time today. Abi, Ruby and Sophia took the secondary devotions and built in some discussion time which the NLF students enjoyed.

After the morning devotions we met together at the NLF Primary School where we joined up with NLF secondary students to pray for the afternoon outreach and seek God’s guidance on who we should pray for. After a lovely morning tea of baked bananas and mango juice, we headed off to our first Government school for a performance. We were all surprised to learn that the only children in the school were 15 Grade 7 students who were just finishing their exams. The Grade 1-6 students had been sent home. We pressed on and performed to the 15 students, the Principal and a couple of teachers. Mrs Scott used the Tale of two Kingdoms drama storyline to explain how God has the key to our heart and through the Holy Spirit, can cleanse our hearts from sin and set us free. She invited the students to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and the whole 15 did just that. Hallelujah!

While the students were performing yesterday and today, team adult, Colin Marshall ministered to a group of pastors at the Sambalai Church. These pastors were extremely keen for some in depth Bible study and in four hour solid blocks studied the Scriptures and learnt a lot of new material they could use with their own congregations.

In the afternoon, we travelled to the ICC church site and went about the neighbourhood with NLF student translators inviting people along to our performance and prayer time. Upon returning to the site, the Hebron students performed their Maori items then acted out The Life of Jesus drama. The electricity supplies failed halfway through the performance so the students continued the drama without music until it eventually came back on and students finished off the play nicely and in sync! Five people came forward for salvation.

We have a new development to share with you regarding the medical supplies we brought to Tanzania. We have two health professionals in our team Fredric Doss and Colin Marshall who brought donated medical supplies to Tanzania. Some of the medical supplies were donated to New Life Foundation clinic which runs once a week to treat students and staff health conditions.

Four cartons of medical goods were donated to Mwenza Regional Hospital, Kilimanjaro. These were handed over to the Mwenza leadership team by New Life Foundation president Pastor Shoo and NZ team member Fredric Doss ( Dialysis Specialist) with a local newspaper journalist present. The Mwenza leadership team was pleased to receive these donation items which will be very beneficial to the hospital.

Fredric Doss had discussions with the Hospital Administrator and Pastor Shoo on the possibility of more medical donations to be sent from New Zealand in future.

1 Devotions 2 SalvationSec
3 StreetVisiting 4 Performance
5 Salvation2 6 Games
7 SomePastors 8 Visitor

Friday 21st July

Although we have 3 more days in Africa, the NLF Farewell was organised this morning as two USA NLF(US) women, Laura Davis and Faith ? were flying back to the US this afternoon so their farewell was merged into ours. After a time of Praise and Worship, the NFL students, both primary and secondary, performed items, both dance and oral recitation. The Hebron team reciprocated by singing our National Anthem in Maori and English. Pastor Glorious then thanked us all for making the huge effort to come to Tanzania and sharing our love and goods with the needy children of Moshi. Each Hebron student and adult was prayed for by NLF student individuals, given a certificate of appreciation and handed a photo college wall frame. We then had to line up and every primary students starting with the nursery children gave all of us farewell hugs. We ended up with some wet shirts from some very tearful children.

After morning tea the NLF and Hebron students got into groups and prayed for the afternoon outreach. We then travelled down to the secondary school where the students had a “hang out” time, just chatting, playing games, visiting their dormitories, singing together.

After lunch we came back to the guest house for an hour’s rest, some having a short nap. Then it was off to the ICC outreach where Hebron and NLF students and adults walked around the neighbouring streets inviting people to the afternoon outreach. Our students performed their Samoan dance, Nikhil gave an object lesson and Sarah Doss gave her testimony.

Another blessed day in Africa and team excitement and commitment remains in the stratosphere.

1 Farewell1 2 Farewell
3 Farewell 4 Farewell
5 Farewell 6 Farewell
7 farewell 8 Farewell
9 Farewell 10 Farewell
11 Secondary1 12 Crusade

Saturday 22nd July

It was shopping morning today and we all travelled down to the Moshi township to visit the local craft shops. Students and adults bought African curios, wooden elephants and giraffes, Masai blankets, bracelets, woven baskets and many other African crafts. After refreshments at the local tea and coffee café, we headed home for lunch.

We had been invited to a wedding this afternoon but sadly the wedding had been called off with the hope it would go ahead at a later date. We used the time to visit the primary school and play with the primary and secondary students. It was wonderful to see the Hebron children spontaneously organising games, walking with children around the school and just “chilling out”. The NLF children loved this time with the Hebron students.

Soccer games were organised between the various NLF class levels and Mr Marshall, a well-practised soccer referee, umpired the games exceedingly well and without a whistle!

We were invited to the home of Glorious and Josephine Shoo for the evening meal. The Regional Commissioner joined us for the meal too. At the end of the evening we presented the Shoos with gifts from our team and thanked them so much for their hospitality and welcome.
1 Road 2 Union
3 Lunch 4 RejoicWKids
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Sunday 23rd July

Another warm and bright morning dawned for our last full day in Tanzania and the team was soon off to Pastor Glorious' church ICC to join in worship on our final morning. Nihil and Geoff shared their testimonies. Mr Marshall went to preach at the Sambalia church. After lunch it was time to prepare for the evening crusade. The District Commissioner had been so impressed by the team we were invited to call by her house on the way to the crusade. We did this, enjoying her well developed landscaped property and significant vegetable garden. We prayed for her, her work and responsibilities before leaving for the crusade.  Again the crusade went well with a number of people coming forward to give their lives to Jesus and to receive prayer.  Dinner tonight was hosted by Pastor Glorious Shoo's sister Valentine at her house.  It was a wonderful evening highlighted by an amazing cake to celebrate Abby's birthday (and a very happy occasion it was too.)  Tomorrow afternoon we head off as we begin our journey back to Auckland.
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Monday 24th - Tuesday 25th July 2017

It was with a twinge of sadness that we awoke this morning, knowing it would be our last day in Africa on this mission trip.  At breakfast we thanked and gave small gifts to the staff of the Pink Daisy where we have been staying.  This done we sat down to complete evaluations for Mel Bell, a Kiwi missionary worker we have known for a number of years and who now works for the New Life Foundation. Mel and Everlyn have done a sterllng job of making sure things have worked smoothly in the background during our visit.  We then packed and loaded our bags onto the first of two buses ready to be transported to the airport.  As a team went went to a lunch that was generously sponsored by the El Shaddai Church, a church we have shared and ministered in since our first trip to Tanzania. From there we "dropped in", by popular demand, to say goodbye to the secondary students.  Eventually leaving about half and hour late we set off for the airport. Transition through the airport was smooth and we got away on time only to have a four hour lay-over in Addis Adiba. The 10 1/2 hour flight to Hong Kong was uneventful and we have arrived here tired but ready to explore.   This evening we went by train, shanks pony and cable car to visit  the Hong Kong Peak where we had a late dinner and could take some photographs.  We have returned tired and happy and ready for a good nights sleep.

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Wednesday 26th July

We awoke today a bit later than normal after a late night last night and everyone looked the better for it!  After a hearty breakfast at the Novatel restaurant we headed off by two short train trips to Disneyland. The Disneyland experience was a lot of fun even though the temperature was certainly warm (at midnight it was still 28 degrees!).  On the way back we stopped for dinner at a local food outlet and were met there by an ex-Hebron student who now lives and works in Hong Kong. After a busy few weeks it was a fun way to spend our last mission day.   Tomorrow morning will see time for a brief look around the significant mall attached to the hotel (bigger than St Lukes) and then we will be off to the airport for our last flight home.  Praiise the Lord for all the good times together and His work shared.

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