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Overseas Missions

Africa Mission Trip 2017

I am delighted to inform you that our Senior Secondary Mission Trip was an outstanding success and is now the 12th mission trip undertaken in this school that has been very fruitful and blessed abundantly by God. The reasons it was so successful were:

Fantastic Adult Helpers and Students

The two teachers (Mrs Ruth Scott & Miss Natasha Brooking) and three parents (Mr Colin Marshall, Mr Arun Chauhan & Mr Fred Doss) helped me lead the team in an outstanding manner and assist in all manner of duties and activities well beyond the call of duty. I thank them for sacrificing family time and putting in many hours before and during the trip to see to it that our students were safe, cared for and blessed in so many ways.
Team Photo-337
Our 9 students were a real credit to themselves, their families, their churches, their school and our nation. They were all quality teenagers, prepared to put in many hours of training, pre-trip performances, go without home comforts and work hard and long hours on the mission, sometimes under trying situations. It was a delight for all the mission adults to live and work with these wonderful young people.

Safety & Well-being

Overall, the team enjoyed good health and well-being throughout the trip, apart from the occasional headache & upset tummy. And no hijacks, car bombs or jihads! In fact Tanzania seemed more safe and peaceful than Auckland! Major concerns were huge potholes in the roads and pavements...you had to be very mindful when walking or driving so that you didn't break any limbs!

New Life Foundation Orphanage Involvement

The staff and children at the New Life Foundation Orphanage welcomed us with open arms and treated us like royalty! Pastor Glorious and Josephine Shoo, founders and directors, put on a spectacular welcome on for us and thereafter escorted us on visits to the various departments and ensured we were well accommodated, fed and blessed. The team thoroughly enjoyed relating to the NLF children, from the very youngest to the senior secondary students and 8 of the 9 students have chosen to sponsor 5 of the needy children.
KIlimanjaro Airport Police Band
Arriving in Tanzania Police band welcome us
Masai Gifts
Masai children welcome dance Giving Hebron gifts to NLF
It was wonderful to see how the Hebron students (and staff) blessed the New Life Foundation orphans too. They brought loads of gifts for the children, they joined them in their morning devotions for prayer, praise and worship and Bible study, they danced with them, they played in their band, they played games with them, etc. Differences in ethnic background, lifestyle, language, etc made no difference...they both blessed one another.
Ugali Rejoice
Hebron students try a Ugali lunch Rejoice praying for NLF students
Sarah S IMG 0147
Sarah taking devotions at the secondary school Handover of NZ medical gifts

Sharing the Good News

We taught and trained our students to share the Good News and "make disciples of all nations" and this they did with enthusiasm and great success. The students and adults preached the salvation message in churches, market places, a youth prison, schools and to anyone with an ear to hear!
Outreach TTKs
Maori kapahaka at Sambalai Outreach The Life of Jesus gospel drama

Gifts for the Poor

Blind Lady Polio Victim
Meeting & praying for the blind Polio victim receives food parcel

It was immensely satisfying to inform the 450+ orphans and 70+ NLF staff that the Hebron community raised over $11,000 with the Geograhathon and Family Concert night AND the $9,000 donated by Hebron staff, parents and local businesses. The New Life Foundation truly appreciated their Christian brothers and sisters at Hebron Christian College, on the other side of the world, being so generous and supportive. Our students were equally generous when they visited the homes or relatives of some of the NLF children.

Blessing of God

God's blessing was very much evident throughout our mission trip, as it has been on all previous 11 mission trips. We all felt his presence and blessing in our personal and team devotion times, in the church services we attended, during praise and worship times, in our preaching slots and performances and even in daily chores, meal times, travel, etc. We know you were praying for us and we saw the result. The peace of God and the joy of the Lord was very much a reality for all of us as we worked together in unity and committed all we did to Him. We thank God for His presence, protection, guidance and fruit.

Why does a Christian school go on mission trips?

nlffarewell 327
Hebron Christian College teaches its students to live a genuine and committed Christian life, sharing the Gospel and serving the needs of others and not living a self-centred, materialistic life. Since 1994, senior students have visited Third World countries to serve the poor, the neglected and disabled in slums, orphanages, refugee camps, rubbish dumps and city streets. Seven previous missions, mostly to the Philippines and Africa, have been very successful and profitable in bringing relief and comfort to those touched by the students' involvement, performances and acts of love and care.

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