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Japanese School Visits

Hong Kong Boys Schools’ Visit - July 2017Cave

18 boys from 3 different Hong Kong Boys Schools visited us for 9 school days in the last two weeks and returned to Hong Kong last night. The visit, by all accounts was most successful apart from the fact that one boy slipped on our soccer field and broke his leg. The tour organiser and teachers accompanying the boys informed us the boys were extremely happy with their homestay accommodation, loved their time in our classes and playgrounds and especially noted that our school was very friendly, caring and hospitable. They were able to engage with our students very well as most of them spoke reasonably good English.

Their English teacher was not able to come on Wednesday morning so I spent the morning and early afternoon telling them about volcanoes and lava caves. After watching a video on the formation of volcanoes, we walked up to the top of Mt.Albert and studied the crater (now the archery field), Maori fortification terracing, Maori food pits and the volcanic dirt and scoria. After lunch I invited them to climb into our very own lava cave on our bottom field which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Mino Jiyu Gakuen School Visit

Mino Jiyu Gakuen School

Mino Jiyu Gakuen School Visit

The visit of 28 Japanese secondary students from Mino Jiyu Gakuen High School, from Osaka, has been proceeding extremely well and the students and staff have been thoroughly enjoying their time in and around our school. They have been learning English language every morning in our library and another classroom.

On Monday afternoon they got a good taste of Maoritanga from our Junior classes where they saw and participated in Maori songs, hakas and stick games. Thanks to Mrs Sellar and her Junior students for the afternoon's activities. On Tuesday they visited Auckland zoo and were delighted to see a real live kiwi and other New Zealand native birds and animals.

I accompanied them to the Extreme Rock Climbing Venture in Glen Eden on Wednesday afternoon and there was initial concern among some that it was too hard and adventurous to scale such heights but once they got the hang of it they were zipping up and down the "rock" faces and even racing each other up the vertical slopes.

KazuOn Thursday afternoon they visited AUT in the city where our past Japanese Head Boy, Yoshikazu Yasuda met them and showed them around the university and explaining everything in Japanese, of course. (They especially requested Yoshikazu do this as he was so helpful in 2016). This afternoon, Mr Scott took them ice skating along with our Year 13 students. On all accounts, they had a great time.
The group have one more day with us next Monday, finishing up with a farewell concert and dinner on the Monday night. They leav us on Tuesday morning to fly back to Japan.

We farewelled the 28 students and 2 teachers from Mino Jiyu Gakuen School at a Farewell Dinner and Concert on Monday night.
Mino Group Chips
Origami Instr Hassen
The Mino students showed us all how to do origami, performed a light stick dance and two Japanese songs. I then gave them a Farewell poster and a pot of hachimitsu (honey).


Hibiki Gakuen School Visit

The Hibiki students were welcomed to our school with a powhiri at our primary assembly. They have visited primary and secondary classes, played sport with our Year 5-7 classes and this afternoon went horse riding at Warkworth.

2016 Mino Jiyu Gakuen School Visit

21 students and 2 teachers from Mino Jiyu gakuen School in Osaka, Japan spent 11 days visiting Hebron Christian College in August. Mino Jiyu gakuen School was one of 3 schools Mr Matthews and his wife visited during their two week tour of Japan. The teachers took them on a tour of the school where they observe the Golden Bears cheer team performing in their gymnasium and the their orchestra practising the beautiful music.

Cheer Team-623-156-188 Orchestra-99

While at Hebron, the Mino Jiyu students learnt English, visited primary, intermediate and secondary school classes, visited Kiwi Valley Farm and Massey University, went swimming with the secondary PE class and did rock climbing with the Year 13 students.

Again, All the Hebron staff, students and host families really enjoy their visit to Hebron and found them to be very friendly and respectful students. We look forward to Mino returning to hebron again in 2017.

2016 Hanazono Gakuen School VisitHanazono with Mr M-103-718

7 Students and 2 teachers from Hanazono Gakuen School in Kyoto, Japan visited Hebron Christian College between 24th July and 4th August 2016. Hanazono Gakuen School was one of the three schools our Principal, Mr Geoff Matthews and his wife visited in Japan this year in March. Mr Matthews met the principal, Mr Atsushi Fukuda and was taken on a tour of the school.

Today (Thursday), the students and teachers visited Mrs Sellar's class and learnt all about the Maori culture. Mrs Sellar, a Maori herself, show photos of Maori houses, dress, customs and artwork.

While at Hebron, the Hanazono students learnt English, visited primary, intermediate and secondary school classes, visited Kiwi valley Farm and Massey University, joined the secondary PE class and went ice skating with the Year 13 students.

All the Hebron staff, students and host families really enjoy their time at Hebron and found them to be very friendly and respectful students. Sayonara Hanazono friends.

2014 Hannan University High School VisitHannan

18 high school students from Hannan University High School arrived at Hebron Christian College for a 10-day stay on Monday afternoon. They are all billeted at Hebron or Hebron-associated homes and it has been reported to me by the tour group that they are all very happy with the host families and love the warm and caring Hebron atmosphere. The students have been having English lessons in the morning and visiting Hebron classes in the afternoon or going on trips around Auckland. They sailed on the Waitemata Harbour on Tuesday afternoon and visited the Auckland Museum this afternoon.
Hannan4 Hannan2
Hannan1 Hannan6
Hannan5 Hannan3

2013 Mino Gakuen Japanese High School VisitMino Gukuen

15 students and 1 teacher (Mr Ryohei Tajima) from Mino Gakuen High School, Osaka, Japan, arrived at our school on Tuesday afternoon and are now all billeted with Hebron families. They are enjoying their English language studies every morning in Room 15 and their teacher tells us they love the contact they are having with the Hebron buddies.

In fact Mr Tajima likes our school so much he wants to establish a sister school relationship and have our students visit Japan. perhaps we may do this when, one day, we bring on a second language, perhaps Japanese!

The students joined our Year 13 students and went ice skating at the Paradise Ice Rink in Avondale this afternoon.
DSC00084-975 DSC00075-50


2013 Visit by Hannan University High School

Hannan 500(copy)

The 22 students from Hannan University High School have spent 11 days in our school. It was a real joy to have them in our school and homes. All the Hebron homestay families I talked to thoroughly enjoyed their stay in their homes and all said they were polite, respectful and well-behaved young people. Their accompanying teachers Mr Sakajo and Mr Tatsuya, spoke highly of our school and greatly appreciated the welcome their group received and the lovely hospitality display to them. I also thanked all the Hebron families and teachers who homestayed a Hannan student – you were wonderful parents to this overseas visitors and you made a huge impact on them.




Saki 350 Luke
Saki Tanaka talks to Matire Allen at Nga kakano School Luke Primrose shows Takamasa his work