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2014 Athletics

2014 Senior Athletics

Our Senior (Y5-Y13) Athletics day took place at Lyndale Athletic Track in New Lynn on Tuesday and the weather was perfect...foggy and overcast in the morning and sunny in the afternoon. The students moved around different athletic activities during the morning session and after lunch participated in tug-of-wars, long distance races and relays. Click here to see a short video of the day's activities.
SenAthleticsJessica SenAthleticsTim
SenAthleticsTOW SenAthleticsOfficials
Results for the relays were:
Group 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Primary Yellow Blue Red Green
Intermediate Green Blue Yellow Red
Secondary Green Yellow Blue Red
All Ages Secondary Staff Parents Primary
Final House Points 1st Blue
787 pts
2nd Yellow
783 pts
3rd Green
705 pts
4th Red
601 pts

2014 Junior School Athletics

On Wednesday morning the Junior School held their Athletics Day with all the children from New Entrants to Year 4 competing in several events. The weather was gloriously fine and we had a wonderful group of parents and friends come along to assist with the organisation and to support their children. The programme was jam packed with excitement and the children had a fantastic  time competing in the events and cheering on their classmates and friends. Once again Mrs Sharon Turner was our M.C. and as usual did a great job. We are indebted to her for her continued participation in our Junior Athletics.  
JunAthletics2 JunAthletics1
JunAthletics 5 JuniorAthletics4
JuniorAthletics3 JunAthleticsParents
At the finish of the children’s events the parents were invited to show the rest of us where their children had inherited their amazing athletic abilities. The Principal's daughter, Mrs Julie Bellingham, won the mothers' race and must have inherited her auntie's genes as she was an Olympic athlete! Even the toddlers had a race of their own. It was a truly great day. Many thanks to all those who took part or who came along to assist and to support their children. Click here to see the Junior & Senior Athletics.