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DSC03048 2Why Physical Education?

The staff of Hebron Christian College believe physical education and sport are very worthwhile activities to teach and practise. The Bible very clearly teaches and implies that these activities are important. For example, games and athletic competitions are referred to in the Bible to provide pictures of the christian life.

All Hebron Christian College, classes undertake regular physical education lessons on a weekly basis along with sport times where sporting codes are taught and practised. Codes would include: netball, football, rugby, swimming, athletics, softball, basketball, badminton, archery, bowls, cricket, cross country running, tennis, etc.

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Junior Swimming

The Junior classes organise their swimming sports at a local heated pool where all manner of water activities are run to encourage confidence and water skills

Middle School Swimming

Y4 - Y8 students make good use of the school swimming pool during summer months. Water safety skills are taught alongside stroke techniques and speed and swimming fitness.

Secondary School Swimming

Year 9-12 students travel to the Mt.Albert Aquatic Centre every Monday morning and afternoon where advanced swimming skills are taught and practised.
netball team 375 Miniball


Girls are invited to join our school netball teams which play on Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning inter school competitions. Teams entered this year are:
Primary Years 3 & 4, Primary Years 5 & 6, Intermediate Years 7 & 8 and Secondary, Years 9-12


The school enters miniball (junior basketball) teams into the local Miniball Competition when interest is shown among the various age groups. Primary Miniball teams play in the Basketball Auckland School Competition. A mixed Year 5 & 6 team and a mixed Year 7 & 8 team currently play on Wednesdays at the UNITEC stadium. The teams are managed and trained by staff or parent volunteers.
Softball 375 Indoor Cricket


The school fields a Year 5 & 6 softball team to play in the local children's softball competition on a saturday morning.

Indoor Cricket

The school has formed Indoor Cricket teams which compete in the Friday night School Teams Indoor Cricket competition at the Action Indoor Sports arena in Royal Oak.
Junior Athletics 375 Athletics


The whole school starts training for athletics at the beginning of Term 4 in preparation for Athletics Day, usually held in early November at the nearby Lovelock Track. The Junior School hold its own "Athletic Morning" with activities such as gumboot races, sack races, potato and spoon races and plain sprinting races. A "Mums and Dads" race usually caps off the morning activities. The Middle and Secondary Schools have a Round Robin athletic events programme in the morning and long distance and relay races in the afternoon. The House Relays and the Staff v Students v Parents relay are also the highlight of the day.

Leadership Training Programme

25 Year 11-13 students were chosen to participate in a Leadership programme where they discussed a wide range of possibilities to encourage physical activity and sport in our school. The students came up with many varied and exciting ideas and will now start to plan ways of introducing these to the student community.

Local Sports Clubs

Eden-Roskill Cricket http://www.edenroskillcricket.co.nz/
Metro Softball http://www.metrosoftball.org.nz/
Mt Albert Tennis http://www.aucklandtennis.co.nz/clubs-facilities/clubs/k-o/mt-albert/
Roskill South Athletics http://www.athleticsauckland.co.nz/Article.aspx?ID=768
Orienteering http://www.orienteeringauckland.org.nz/ss_prog_06_07.htm
Mt Roskill Swimming Club http://www.akswim.co.nz/
Triathlon http://www.aucklandcitytri.co.nz/
Waitakere Waterpolo http://www.waitakwaterpolo.co.nz/
Touch: http://www.aucklandtouch.co.nz/content/affilliatedmodules/totaltouchriversdale/landing.aspx