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Special Needs

Why a Learning Centre?

jeanette and maddyAt the Learning Centre, we provide tutoring for children who are experiencing difficulty in the area of literacy and/or maths. We also provide 1:1 assistance in the classroom if a student is unable to access the curriculum, or make progress without teacher aide support.

One of the benefits of the tutoring programme is that the child can receive extra assistance during school hours and the Learning Needs teacher/tutor can work in with the class teacher, as well as being available to discuss the child's progress with the parents at school.

The Learning Centre is managed by Mrs Jeanette Starrenburg, who, with the assistance of a tutor - Mrs Gay Jones, works with children in the Junior, Middle and Secondary School. Mrs Starrenburg assesses the students and plans their programmes with the tutor. She also liaises with outside agencies if they are involved in the child's learning e.g. Psychologists, Speech Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Social Workers etc.

The tutoring programme run at The Learning Centre is both structured and hands on. We aim to make our time with the children as enjoyable as we can. We use board games and computer based educational games, plus a variety of interesting worksheets, along with reading practice and instruction in phonics. Together, these practices prove to be really beneficial in helping children progress in literacy. Maths tuition also involves games and hands on learning.

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