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Soft Material Technology

This is part of the "Materials" strand of the New Zealand Technology curriculum. The technological processes usually involve the use of fabrics, but may include any "soft" materials: e.g. felt, trimmings, dacron stuffing etc. The emphasis is on creativity, and how fabric and projects can be enhanced, altered, personalised and embellished. There is at least one compulsory element, plus a wide range of choices and experiments.

Year 9 Students - One term

The year 9 brief is to identify things they need to take when they go out somewhere, design and make some sort of bag to carry their things, and personalize it. Most girls tend to make some sort of handbag or shoulder bag, while the boys opt for a plastic lined tog bag, backpack or an over the shoulder bag for books. Methods of personalizing are many and varied, pretty much only limited by their imagination. They usually include applique, fabric painting, tie dying, downloaded images ironed on, sequins and hand or machine embroidery.
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Year 10 Students - One Term

These students study logos  and develop their own unique logo for their clothing business. The logo must be applied in some way, and in some place on pyjamas which they make first  in class, or a tee shirt. The pyjamas consist of a singlet and shorts, or a night shirt.
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