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Hard Materials Technology (Y9 & 10)

Students in year 9 and 10 take Hard Materials Technology for two terms as part of a four term option rotation. The balance of the year, alternates through one term courses of both Soft and and Food Technologies.

Furniture Making

Students are learning skills in furniture making. They have learnt about the benefits of working as a team in production work and have looked at Henry Ford as an example. Following a brief and specifications, the students have been placed into teams to make 2 stools each, one is for themselves. For their own stool they can incorporate some of their own design features.
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DSC05103 DSC05141

Wall Chess Set

Students are creating a chess set. Each student is designing and creating their own pieces. Because it is a game that could be played over a long time e.g. days they have to think of a way to tell the other player it is their turn.

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Secondary yr10a secondary yr10

Below are some photos of the projects the year 9's have made:


DSC04698 DSC04699 DSC04700





DSC04678 DSC04679
DSC04680 DSC04677

Coaster Set

DSC04754 DSC04753 DSC04755

Trinket Box

gpo 9jewellerybox

gpo 9boxes-001