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Design & Visual Communication

Design and Visual Communication has replaced the subject of Graphics(which was formerly known as Technical Drawing).

While Design and Visual Communication still keeps a lot of what Technical Drawing used to be, there have been a range of other skills introduced.

All of a students' assessed work is now contextualised under 3-4 briefs which are given out during the year. These briefs set out design challenges enabling the students to develop their skills.
Some of the briefs studied recently have involved designing:
gpo gra clarrence furn 1Packaging, Small buildings, Smart Phones and Furniture
gpo gra furn douglas1 1

Some of the assessment areas of a design brief includes:
* Research on the relevant topic.
* Freehand sketching skills for concept ideas.
* Freehand sketching skills showing further development of some of the        best concept ideas.
* Rendering skills on pictorial drawings (Isometric and Perspective etc)
* Formal instrumental drawings. (Third Angle Orthographic etc)
* Making of mock-ups and models. (Including 3D Cad Modeling with        Google Sketchup etc)
* Studying and analysing some of the styles and influences that designers and major design eras have had on architecture and media in our society.

Above are some 3D CAD models and mock-ups that students have produced recently.
gpo gra env doug 1 gpo gra  2 gpo gra bach design   inside  liam 1

Subject resources and exemplars can be viewed on NZQA's website.

The credits are achieved through several achievement standards (Both internal and external) against which the work from a design brief is measured.
gpo gra phonepkgss 2

At Hebron, this subject is introduced to students in year 10 and it can then be chosen as a subject in year 11 (Level 1) and onwards.

Studying graphics/Design & Visual Communication can lead into a variety of career paths, including:
Builder, Engineer, Designer and Architect etc.

This standards set this year for level 1 are listed below.
Standard   Description Credits
91065 1.30 Produce freehand sketches that communicate design ideas 3 credits External
91064 v3 1.31 Produce instrumental, multi-view orthographic drawings that communicate technical features of design ideas 3 credits External
91065 v3 1.32 Produce instrumental paraline drawings to communicate design ideas 3 credits External
91066 v3 1.33 Use rendering techniques to communicate the form of design ideas 3 credits Internal
91067 v3 1.34 Use the work of an influential designer to inform design ideas 3 credits Internal

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