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Yr 11

English Year 11 Planner 2013

Teacher : Miss Harris         Office: RH 5     Email: reneeh@hebron.ac.nz

Term 1
Week no.   Unit of work DUE dates
1   Intro to Level 1 Course
Focus on Writer’s Craft (prep 1.3)
2   Personal Reading L2 (2.9)
Focus Poetry & Prose (prep 1.3)
Speech topic
3   Creative Writing (1.4)
-Plan & write 1# portfolio piece
1# portfolio piece
4   Intro to Oral Texts (1.6)
-Choose Speech topic & begin planning
1# Personal Reading 23rd Feb
5   Camp  
6   Focus on Creative Writing
-Plan & write 2# portfolio piece
2# portfolio piece
7   Cont… Oral text
-Preparation week for Speeches
8   Speech presentations 1.6 Speeches  19th -22nd Mar
9   Creative Writing (1.4)
-Prepare a final piece for submitting.
1.4 Creative Writing 30th Mar
10   Intro to Film Study (1.2)
-Watch Blindside+ film techniques
2#  Personal Reading 4th Apr

Term 2
Week no.   Unit of work DUE dates
1   Film Study (1.2)cont…
-Scene analysis & breakdown
2   Film Studycont…
-Theme /Context /Characterisation
3# Personal Reading 4th Apr
3   Film studycont…
Essay Writing/ Formal Writing (1.5 prep)
4   Film study cont…
Essay Writing/ Formal Writing Piece (1.5)
Formal Writing portfolio piece 17th May
5   Exam essay question focus
Essay writing for the exams (1.2 prep)
6   Exam preparation  
7   Exam week  
8   Exam follow up
Unfamiliar Text/ Essays
9   Intro to Novel Study To Kill a Mockingbird
-Focus on context and begin reading
4#  Personal Reading  June 21st
10   Novel Study cont…
-Early characterisation/ themes

Term 3
Week no.   Unit of work DUE dates
1   Novel Study cont…
-Themes of Justice and Prejudice + society today
2   Novel Study cont…
-Essay questions for externals
3   Novel Study cont…
-Essay writing – structure, content and craft
5# Personal Reading 2nd Aug
4   Novel Study cont…
- hot seat characters, group activities
5   Novel Study cont…
- Key events, key characters, key symbols
6   Novel Study cont…
-Final Essays- exam conditions
7   Short Stories unit
-practice for unfamiliar
8   Cont… S S unit
-practice for unfamiliar
6# PersonalReading 27th Sept
(+ Reading Log)
9   Exam Preparation
-Focus on essays structure and content
Practice Essays in class
10   Exams  
11   Exam Revision
-Highlight essay parts and rewrite.

Term 4
Week no.   Unit of work DUE dates
1   Revision
Visual Text – Blind Side(1.2)
Visual  Text essay 19th Oct
2   Revision
Written Text – To Kill a Mockingbird  (1.1)
Written Text essay 26th Oct
3   Revision
Unfamiliar Texts – Poetry/Prose
Unfamiliar Practice
4   Seniors Leave Study, Study, Study

Standards Credits Reading
1.6 AS90857
Construct & Deliver an Oral Text
1.4 AS90052
Produce Creative Writing
1.5 AS90053
Produce Formal Writing
2.9 AS90854
Personal Reading
1.1 AS90849
Written Text Response
1.2 AS90850
Visual Text Response
1.3 AS90851
Unfamiliar Texts

(dates may be subject to change )

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