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Secondary Speech Competition 2015

On Wednesday the 25th of March the Secondary School Speech Competition was held. Finalists were selected following their class presentations and oral text internals.

The finalists for each category:
Junior Secondary - Sophia Nobbs, Damita Mathew, Sarah Scott, Nikhil Chauhan, Sarah Doss, Nivetha Thiyagaseelan and Abigale Ncario.

Senior Secondary - Matthew Long, Kathryn Wang, Brittany Collecutt, Zac Turner, Juliet Douglas, Joshua Scott and Sarah Prekumar.

Adjudicators Debbie Airey, Coralee Little and Grant Richardson had the difficult task of judging the speeches and awarding the placings. They were impressed by all the competitors and noted that all the speeches presented this year were of a very high standard. Our students certainly have 'the gift of the gab'! 

The placings:
Junior Secondary - 1st Place Sophia Nobbs
                                  2nd Place (Equal) Sarah Scott and Damita Mathew

Senior Secondary - 1st Place  Zac Turner

                                  2nd Place (Equal) Joshua Scott and Brittany Collecutt


Congratulations to our place getters and to all 13 students who presented, it is not an easy task to present a formal speech in front of a large audience. We are very proud of all you have achieved.