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Digital Technologies

Digital Technologies involves students engaging in the design and production of a range of documents, demonstrating skills in areas such as:
Desktop publishing                   Web page authoring
Spreadsheets                             Databases
Presentations                             Image manipulation

Software used includes:
Windows 7 with MS Office etc and also a range of open source software such as:
Scribus (for desktop publishing- CMYK)
Gimp (for pixel based image creation / manipulation)
Inkscape (for vector based image creation / manipulation)
Notepad++Komposer (Web design)
Audacity (Sound capture and editing)

Junior Classes:

The Year 9 class is taught Digital Technology twice per week.
The Year 10 class is taught Digital Technology once per week.

Below are some examples of the fun, junior students have using GIMP:

Genevieve's awesome panda can be seen below
Genevieve's King Kong

GPO COM Fencing VS Kendo

GPO COM Sara Lisa 

Senior Classes

Senior students opting for Digital Technology are taught six periods per week.
This year, senior courses will be covering a range of standards, possibly including:


1.50    91080
Demonstrate understanding of the common components of basic digital infrastructures
3 credits    Internal

1.51    91081
Implement basic procedures for servicing a personal computer system
4 credits    Internal

1.44    91074
Demonstrate understanding of basic concepts from computer science
3 credits   External

1.7    90995
Demonstrate understanding of rules that govern the media in New Zealand
4 credits   External

1.10    91053
Demonstrate understanding of design elements
3 credits   External

1.3    91046
Use Design ideas to produce a conceptual design for an outcome to address a brief
6 credits    Internal External

1.42  91072
Demonstrate understanding of basic concepts for digital media
credits    Internal

1.43  91073
Implement basic procedures to produce a specified digital media outcome
4credits    Internal


AS91635 (3.43)
Create a virtual tour using a web application
4 credits    Internal

AS91633 (3.41)
Implement complex procedures to develop a relational database embedded in a specified digital outcome.
6 credits    Internal

AS91610  (3.3)
Develop a concept design considering fitness for purpose in the broadest sense
6 credits    Internal