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Dance, Drama & Music


Drama is another way of telling stories about our lives. By using different roles and DSC06248 1through the use of ideas and symbols we can talk about deeper truths that are not always apparent.
Through drama the pupils learn to emotionally develop and become more confident. They learn to trust their intuition and become more adept at responding to pressure in a positive and creative way. They learn empathy and discernment. They learn to work co-operatively in group situations and be part of a team working towards to common goal. Also when working towards performance they develop those skills needed to complete a task properly and to work within the confines of what resources are available to them to do it.


Dance is a new subject required by the new Performing Arts curriculum and Hebron has responded proactively to establish this as an integral part of our teaching program. Hebron participates in two Christian Performing Arts Festivals each year, one for the intermediate level and the other for the senior school. Dance is always a major feature of our contribution to these events and we generally do very well.
The approach we adopt is to treat dance as movement, often combined with drama so as to enable the children to enter into it without feeling that they are being required to do something technical and formal such as ballet. This also helps encourage the boys to be involved so they can see dance as something vigorous and lively.


ph256 104Music is a gift from God for us to enjoy. It should be used for edification, for relaxation, for worship and praise, for encouragement, to tell stories, to interpret the world around us in a positive and meaningful way.

At Hebron we encourage children to enjoy music in a relaxed and positive way. They learn to play instruments and to work with each in groups which involves learning to submit to one another. They learn to discern the messages of music to make right choices. they learn to value music as a wonderful gift from God which is to be used in harmony with His purposes.