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Bible & Evangelism


Bible & Evangelism classes in the secondary department at Hebron Christian College focus on the Lordship of Christ, and Christian growth in maturity of our students. These objectives are fostered through prayer, Bible reading, discussion, memorization, and application.

Each secondary Bible & Evangelism class studies selected books of The Bible, usually including one of the Gospels. 

Prayer is an essential part of each class session. A student [or the teacher], will open the lesson with a prayer, and another will close the lesson with prayer. We have also initiated class prayer, in which one student in the class is nominated, or volunteers, to receive prayer and encouragement from the rest of his or her classmates. These times have proved to be most rewarding for everyone involved, for both the individual being prayed for, but also for all the other members of the class who have waited in prayerful silence, believing to hear from The Lord what He wants to bring to the student in the prayer 'hot seat'. We also have times of prayer, as classes, for a wide variety of situations in the world, and every Monday at lunchtime, there is a prayer time for all who would like to come and pray for family and friends,etc.

Open Bible 205Each week a Scripture memory verse, or verses, is assigned as homework for the week, to be memory tested the following week, as a brief written quiz.

An atmosphere of acceptance and mutual respect contributes to the freedom and good participation by the students in class discussions, debates, question/answer sessions, reading aloud in turn, oral quizzes, Christian faith story telling, Bible facts team competitions, etc., in which all student's contributions are kindly received, and appreciated.Jesus Crucifixtion

Some topics covered in Bible & Evangelism classes are: The deity of the Lord Jesus Christ; the crucifixion and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ; the person, role and work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer; Christian discipleship; knowing and doing the will of God; Heaven and how to get there; Bible prophecy and the end times.DSC03392 2

At mid-year, all secondary students at Hebron participate in an intra-school essay writing competition, ‘The Scripture Essay', in which each individual has the opportunity to express his/her insights and understanding on a set topic.

The evangelism portion of this subject is experienced by all our secondary classes at different times during the school year, through local outreaches here in New Zealand. Each secondary class will experience sharing their Christian faith at one of Auckland's most beautiful locations, Mission Bay. All students will be going with at least one or more of their fellow classmates, as they approach people, to gently, and respectfully share their faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

nlffarewell 327Our senior secondary students have the opportunity to participate in Hebron's bi-yearly outreaches overseas. In 2005, 2007, 2009,  2011, 2013 and 2015  our students went to Tanzania, East Africa, to care for and minister to orphans, and also being involved in local Christian outreaches,food distribution programmes,visiting local homes, and performing cultural and musical items, puppetry and drama and in a wide variety of activities, in order to be a blessing to the orphans and the many people we come in contact with in our overseas missions.In nearly all of the above mentioned endeavours, our teams are accompanied by local Tanzanian Christians, who are without exception, some of the kindest and most gracious people our students and staff have known and worked with. Each mission trip has proved to be both an outreach to others and an 'in-reach' to our students and accompanying staff and parents. Many lives have been changed by our Loving and Gracious God, through His wonderful Holy Spirit's leading and guiding. This year we will see another group of ten students from Years 11 & 12 visiting Africa again.