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Year 6 technology

Technology is a subject thatlinks easily to other areas of the curriculum and gives the opportunity for students to engage and develop skills in language, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences, The Arts and Health and Physical Well-being.

Development of Essential Skills Through Technology

  1. Communication skills
  2. Numeracy skills
  3. Information skills
  4. Problem-solving skills
  5. Self-management skills
  6. Social and co-operative skills
  7. Physical skills
  8. Work and study skills

The course overview.

Technology has a number of strands within it. The students will mainly look at areas within Hard Materials technology and Food technology.. This involves students learning about the importance of applying their maths skills by building a simple project (tic tac toe) from the strand of Hard Materials. They move on to build a more difficult project, adding greater skill and design, by making a shingled house money box.
Their third project looks at the strand of structures and mechanisms and the students learn to create projects with moving parts using levers and linkages.
To finish the year off the students learn about vacuum moulding. Using their own design ideas, they make moulds for chocolate and then move to the Food Tech room to learn about food hygiene and moulding chocolate for Christmas gifts. Card making, and poetry also takes place, along with the gift wrapping of the chocolate.

Applying Measurement Focus Skills

Students apply their maths skills using symmetry and measurement to build a tic tac toe game. There assessment is focused on accuracy with
these maths skills.



Above: Year 6 students proudly display their Tic Tac Toe games.
Every student reflects on their work. Below Ethan writes his written evaluation and presents it for marking.
  DSC05273 DSC05275


Students learn than technology can be for more than one purpose. The Pinball game they have created also tells the Easter Story. Watch the video clip of 3 students sharing their project with the class.
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DSC01354 DSC01357 DSC01362


Our year 6 students are learning about levers and linkages. Each student selects an animal of their choosing and  is working on turning it into a moving creation.
Technology 001 Technology 002

Shingled house

Students have been learning the skills of shingling. Their task is to build a money box in the shape of a house. They can include their own design by adding extra features to the house and particularly the garden. Pictured are some of children working and displaying their houses. In either year 7 or 8 they will use their shingling experiences to create a larger project, a bird box for the garden.

DSC05188 DSC05178 DSC05185
DSC04778 DSC04782

Vacuum Moulding, Card Making, Packaging and an introduction to Food Technology

In term 4 the students create a card for someone special. For homework they have to create a suitable poem for their card. They learn about vacuum moulding and create mould to form chocolates in. Each student design and makes a suitable package for their gift of chocolates. This activity integrates language (poetry), maths (nets, geometry) and art design and decoration skills.

Rachel displays her card, wishing her parents a merry Christmas.

Travellers Board Game

This activity is high with maths skills and focuses on using measurement, algebra and geometry. Students get to learn to use a ruler and compass accurately. It also has a task sheet of instructions, which the children read and follow to build their game. 
Giles has marked his squares, with precision,  and is now colouring them.school pictures 039 Three boys work steadily on their games.

school pictures 040
DSC04468 1 DSC04470 1 1 DSC04472 1

New skills

Learning to use a scroll saw. 

DSC04508 1