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Hard Materials Technology (Intermediate)

Waste Wise. Designing a New Use for a Tin Can.

Our school is a waste wise school where students are encouraged to think of ways to reduce waste. Shown below is some of the ideas students developed in reusing a tin can. The students learn skills in soldering, metal cutting , shaping and riveting.
Samuel D Tin can Suvetha
Weitong Alex Horst

Electronics - linked with  Science and language

Integrated with science, students have been learning about parallel and series circuits. They have learnt how to build a circuit and are working on making a quiz game. One of the skills is learning about soldering. Mrs Little in the right picture is helping Melvyn by holding the wire in place while he solders. The students are learning more of the Maori language and are writing English questions and Maori answers.
DSC05290             DSC05291
DSC05312-647 DSC05316-955 DSC05309-487


Designing Bridge

Students are given a brief to design a suitable bridge. Specifications are given. Problem solving strategies are needed how to get suitable strength with only paper and a glue stick. Click on the following link and watch them achieve.    https://youtu.be/cJ3DSN6PVWo

Bird boxes

In year 6 the students learn about shingling the roof of a money box. They now look at using those and other skills to build a bird box for their garden. A challenge for them has been getting their angles correct, so that all the pieces will come together correctly.
                                                                      school pictures 027
Pictured are students working of their bird boxes. Also pictured (centre) is a student's self evaluation. After each project students self evaluate their work. A peer is also asked to give their opinion, before the teacher views and assesses the project.

DSC04996 DSC04995


Working with Aluminium

Students have been learning about various files and their uses. They have designed personal key rings and shoe horns out of aluminium.
Photo 3 (1)
DSC04761 DSC04757 DSC04756
DSC04764 DSC04765 DSC04766

DSC04769 DSC04770
DSC04632a DSC04635a DSC04636

Levers and linkages

Above are some projects created using levers and linkages. Students learn that a lever can be used to allow something else to move.

Book Ends

Below are projects from our year 8's. They have been designing and building their own book ends using 3D figues.

DSC04652a DSC04653a DSC04655a
DSC04649a DSC04650a DSC04665a

Money Boxes

Our year 8's have been focused on design. A new material, acrylic, is introduced. They have used their own imagination and created their own money boxes. Displayed is some of the creative ideas produced.
DSC04597 DSC04603 DSC04602
DSC04598 DSC04600 DSC04601


school pictures 002 1

Structures and Mechanisms

The students of years 7/8 have been learning about cranks and small machines. They each had to make a two man rail car. 
(As the toy is pulled along, the men go up and down)
school pictures 001 1

Olympics/Common Wealth Games

A continuation of using cranks. This game gives random winners. The students have designed their own athletes, drawn up their own plans and are working from them to build their game.
school pictures 026
school pictures 022A   2012 032
2012 029 2Lafi is busy sanding his project. 2012 033 1
Brendon has chosen to make cartoon athletes.
2012 028
These girls are completing making their lanes and crank box.
DSC04475 2

Some of the students display their finished work.
020 1

Talented Students

God gives a different measure of talent as he chooses. He expects us to use what has been given to us well.  In hard materials, some students display an ability to do more than the project asks for. Pictured below is Oliver (a year 8 student) receiving an award and displaying his latest project to the assembly. Oliver attached an extra lane. He added an extra pulley to his crank to pull his Mr Bean's car alongside the athletes.  Since starting hard tech in year 5, he has demonstrated excellent creative ideas and skill to produce some amazing projects. When a problem arises he is able persevere and work through the issue.

DSC04523 1DSC04379 3


Metal work and more Creations of Recycling a Tin Can

Students have been learning about recycling. They had a brainstormed ideas of what a tin can could be turned into. To join tin, the students were shown new skills of soldering and the use of cherry rivets.

school pictures 034 1DSC04492 1DSC04500 1