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Primary (New Entrants - Y8)

The curriculum at Hebron includes all the basic subjects which you would expect to be covered at this level.
Frederica Yeong

Basic Skills

There is a strong emphasis on developing the basic skills of reading, writing, spelling, listening, computation, thinking, research skills, computer technology and physical co-ordination.

Year 7 & 8 Specialised Subjects

Year 7 & 8 students also undertake specialised courses in Food & Textile Technology(previously Cooking and Sewing), Hard Materials Technology (previously Woodwork & Metalwork), Art and German language.

Interact Curriculum

The Interact' Christian curriculum is used at Hebron Christian College for classes NE - Y8. This curriculum is developed by Mrs Helen Pearson, ex Principal of Kingsway Christian School, Orewa and is based on 16 attributes of God. Learn more

Primary Interact Curriculum

Primary classes from New Entrant to Year 8 use the Interact Curriculum, a Christian curriculum developed by Mrs Helen Pearson, past principal of KingsWay School, Orewa.

Features of the Interact Curriculum are:
  • Covers a 4-year cycle
  • Is theme-based
  • Highlights 16 attributes of God's character
  • Relates God's character to physical world
  • Covers all the subjects taught in state schools
  • Develops a knowledge of God, His nature and character
  • Develops a knowledge of man, his nature and character
  • Caters for individual learning styles
  • Encourages a range of thinking skills
  • satisfies all the requirements of the New Zealand curriculum Framework
Major Themes and Topics
Year A (2014)
Term 1 God is Source. He wants us to be Grateful.
Term 2 God is Creative. he wants us to be Creative.
Term 3 God is Forgiving. He wants us to be Forgiving
Term 4 God is Truthful. He wants us to be Truthful.
Year B (2015)
Term 1 God is a Peacemaker. He wants us to be Peacemakers.
Term 2 God is a Leader. He wants us to be Leaders.
Term 3 God is Generous. He wants us to be Generous.
Term 4 God is Faithful. He wants us to be Faithful.
Year C (2016)
Term 1 God is at Work. He wants us to be Diligent.
Term 2 God is the Owner of the Earth. He wants us to be Humble.
Term 3 God is Holy and Pure. He wants us to be Holy and Pure.
Term 4 God is One God. He wants us to be Living in Unity.
Year D (2017)
Term 1 God is Wise. He wants us to be Wise.
Term 2 God is Loving. He wants us to be Loving.
Term 3 God is our Protector and Provider. He wants us to Trust Him.
Term 4 God is All-powerful. He wants us to be courageous.