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Education Outside the Classroomcamp--kayak

Learning and living in the outdoors is an aspect of education which we continue to foster at Hebron Christian College. God's handiwork in creation can be easily seen and appreciated when the student is given the opportunity to observe the "outside" world at first hand and in its natural state.

Outdoor trips are undertaken by children as young as 5 years and are continued throughout the classroom levels with increased challenge and duration. Overnight camps are undertaken by older students with the following emphasis:

  • Y5 - Y8 3-5 days/nights at an established camp
  • Y9 - Y13 4 days/nights at an established camp
  • Y11 - Y12 As for Y8-10 with an overseas mission to a Pacific, Asian or African country planned for every 2 years.

Overnight camps are not compulsory but all students are encouraged to attend. Costs are kept as low as possible so that the camp fee is not a burden on families.

2017 Secondary School Camp

The Secondary Camp was held up at Parua Bay, Whangarei Heads. Tuesday 7 March 2017 saw forty four Secondary students, six teachers and five parents load their gear onto buses and cars and head off to the far north to spend four days at Parua Bay Christian Youth Haven.Parua Camp-235
The trip up went smoothly with a short toilet stop at Wellsford before heading up to Urquharts Bay for a quick hike over to Smugglers Bay with the intention of having lunch and a swim. When the buses arrived there was a light sprinkle of rain but, undeterred, we headed off. As we approached Smugglers Bay the rain came down in bucket loads sending everyone to shelter under the nearest tree. When it was obvious that the rain was not about to let up, the bulk of the group were sent back to the bus to head onto the camp while those who were keen to have a swim stayed to enjoy the relatively warm water of the bay.

Screenshot (2)

Once back at the camp, dry and in warm clothes, and having had a rather late lunch, we enjoyed a quiet afternoon of board games, table tennis, students jamming on their musical instruments and just the good company of each other.

After Dinner we had our first devotion led by our very own Conor McGrath, who was a student at Hebron up to 2012. Conor picked up on our theme for the camp of “Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead” sharing from his own personal experience while he was at Hebron. He developed on this theme over the remainder of the camp, challenging all of us to have a deeper relationship with God. On the last two nights many responded when given the opportunity to come for prayer and encouragement.

Picture (1 of 1)-51-573-81Screenshot (6)-18-498-711

The campsite is situated right on the Whangarei harbour and all the planned activities were water based. It quickly became obvious with the weather, that we needed to revise our plans making the outside activities optional.  Students could choose from swimming in the bay with a bouncy water trampoline, water slide, sea kayaking with a qualified instructor, tramping up Mt Manaia or doing inside activities. To their credit, most of the students showed their true grit and braved the elements to enjoy the outdoors in spite of the rain.

Friday saw everyone pitch in with the clean up, load the buses and head for home. Although everyone was tired, there was a real sense of achievement and comradery. 
To view the camp video produced by Geoff Chen click here

Overall, the camp was a great success fulfilling its purpose of:

  1. Establishing & developing staff/student relationships at the start of a new school year
  2. Spiritual inventory and start-of-year “tune-up”
  3. Team building and confidence development
  4. Exposing students to new outdoor activities
  5. Developing individual responsibility and self-control
  6. Improving the overall fitness of the students and to giving them a love of the outdoors.

I would like to thank the students, parents and staff who made the camp possible
Bruce Breetvelt Deputy Principal and Camp Organiser. 

2016 Secondary School CampGeneva

The 2016 secondary camp was based at the Kauaeranga Valley Christian Camp just out of the Thames township in the Coromandel hills with 67 students, 6 teachers and and 7 parents participating. Everyone got on well with each other and had a marvellous time.

Almost the whole group completed the 3 hour hike up to the Pinnacles,  almost vertical in places! And everyone achieved the goal, even physically-challenged students like Geneva Pankhurst (right) who even amazed herself with her heroic achievement. The weather was perfect and the views from the top of the pinnacles were spectacular. The hike to the Pinnacles was the high point of the camp for most, in more ways than one, and something the students and most adults had never done before.

Other activities at the camp were swimming, kayaking, water slide, archery, flying fox, low and high ropes, go karts and sports.

IMG 9168 IMG 9158
IMG 9180 IMG 9174

Emma and Mikkah, youth leaders from the Upper Room led the camp devotions, challenging the teenagers to live for God. The students were very attentive and related well to both of these inspiring youth speakers.
Thanks to the following parents for assisting with supervision: Mrs Nobbs, Mr Kitchen, Mrs Abrahams, Mr Chung, Mr Chauhan, Mrs Perich & Mrs Winson. And especially thanks to Mr Breetvelt for organising the camp and giving our students such a wonderful time in the outdoors.

2015 Secondary School Camp

This year the Secondary camp was held at Marsden Bay Christian Camp.  The facilities were excellent, the food was great, the students were amazing and the teachers had organised some challenging and interesting activities. The praise and worship time on Tuesday night was most inspiring with a student worship band playing very well and ably led by our Year 13 student, Annalise Schnell.
DSC07869 DSC07889
Sophia Nobbs on the Flying Fox Jethro & Jimson do a tandem on the water slide
DSC07917 DSC07909
Katie Garner takes aim on the bullseye Elese, Sarah, Sarah & Lara enjoy their swim
Wall Volleyball
Sierra & Maddie help Isaiah over the wall Beach volleyball time

Middle School Camp:  Peter Snell Youth Village 2015

IMG 2868-59 IMG 2890-791 IMG 2909-939
IMG 2927-864 IMG 2963-537 DSC 0509-373

 Camp was absolutely fabulous.  We had great teaching times, worship and singing was so meaningful and the activities and trip to Tiri Tiri Matangi were all highlights.
Lydia said "She liked going to Tiri Tiri Matangi and seeing all the birds in their habitats"
Melvyn loved the rock climbing and found it quite challenging but he made it to the top.  He also found rifle shooting lots of fun as he shot the tins.  
Abigail said this was her first camp and she thought it was amazing, with so many fun activities to do.

2014 Middle School Camp at Piha

RUth camp 1 Ruth camp 2 ruth camp 3
Eating lunch at the Surf Life Saving Club after a session at the Beach Education Day.. The boys make a natural dam in the Piha estuary. Getting ready to get on the bus to head out to Piha.

2014 Secondary Camp

Report by Bruce Breetvelt, DP and Camp Organiser

Secondary camp was a great SecCamp1hit with all those who attended. Some of the highlights were the kayaking, caving, abseiling, tree climbing and air rifles. The accommodation, food and friendship were all good with the climax of the week being the devotion times with Andrew Hill, Royal Oak Baptist Church Youth Leader and camp speaker. Andrew drew us all in, talking about his favourite topic..“Jesus”.

The camp started with seventy individuals but by the last day we were all a tight unit, sensing God’s unity among us as we all worked together. The student worship band set the bar for years to come leading us in worship twice a day and bringing us right into the presence of the Lord. For me the highlight was seeing young lives being changed. It was a privilege working with such a great bunch of young people and parents can be very proud of their children. A big thanks to the parents who assisted at the camp.

SecCamp2 SecCamp3
Rock Climbing Andrew Hill inspiring the students
SecCamp5 SecCamp4
Student worship team Volleyball time
20140304 154541 20140304 161507
Caving, exploring the bowels of the earth even with a smile!

For more camp photos and activity reports click here

2013 Middle School Camp

WOW! We have had the best camp this past week at Chosen Valley Christian Camp in South Auckland. Here are some photos of our time there.

Camp 2013  8 Camp 2013  36 (copy)
Camp 2013 (57)(copy) Camp 2013  78
Camp 2013  82 Camp 2013  122

2013 Middle School Camp

I travelled down to the Middle School camp yesterday morning and spent a delightful time with the staff, parent helpers (26in total!) and children. They were based at Chosen Valley Christian Camp at Ararimu, near Bombay. The morning devotion time was led by ex-Hebron mum, Stephanie Sewell, and she challenged the children to live every day for Jesus. The huge majority of the children committed (or re-committed) their lives to God during the course of the week.
The activity programme was eagerly looked forward to. Groups of children were involved in go-karts, raft races, water slide, confidence course, archery, cooking picklets, kayaks, mud race, and more. Well done Mrs Ruth Scott, camp organiser staff, Middle School teachers, parents and children for making/helping make this such a superb camp. Check out the photos.
DSC00713 2 DSC00706 1
Kayaking, waterslide & rafts Sun Jin Kim gives the waterslide a go!

2013 Secondary CampSecondary camp

We visited the secondary camp at Ngaruawahia in the afternoon and stayed on for the dinner, concert and evening devotions. Again, there was an excellent spirit an atmosphere at the camp, the students were fully engaged in their various activities and also responding very positively to the guest speakers, Colin & Hayley Gruetzmacher.

Special thanks to Mr Bruce Breetvelt, Derputy Principal, for organising most of the camp and all the secondary teachers for their input and support.

2012 Middle School Camp

The Year 5-8 camp at Carey Park, Henderson Valley was blessed with wonderful weather, excellent parent support, very popular devotion speakers and a great range of outdoor and indoor activities. Mrs Scott, the team leader, informed me during my visit to the camp today, that overall, the camp has been an outstanding success. Many children were challenged by the Life Church speakers during the devotion times and great decisions were made by many to follow Jesus and live a life dedicated to Him. This is wonderful news as we know most Christian believers make this important decision in their youth.
DSC08919 1 DSC08932 1
Rebekah on the Flying Fox Cooking time with Mr Polglase

2012 Secondary Camp

The Secondary Camp took place at Lake Ranch, Rotorua, and they too were having a most enjoyable and productive time. Mr Breetvelt, team leader and his team of teachers and parents were also providing challenging activities with a little more “risk” than those provided at the Middle School camp. Horse riding was very popular among the students as was the abseiling and “tough guy” challenge necessitating walking/swimming around the edge of a muddy pond commando-style. The devotion speakers likewise challenged the students to live 100% for God and many students felt the presence of God on their lives during these times.

DSC08904 1 DSC08830 1
The "Tough Guy" Swamp Race starts Zac gets ready to abseil down the cliff face