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Year 7 & 8 Room 12

2017 Term Overview

Room 12 is a wonderful class of 19, Year 7 and 8 students who have come together as a great community of keen learners. Term 1 has begun with some great learning taking place around our theme of 'God is Wise'.
We have been learning in Health about Understanding Ourselves.  This has included learning about our Personality Types, our Love Language and what the Bible says about how we are made in God's image.  It is with this framework that we understand our unique relationship we have as sons and daughters of the King.IMG 1322 - Copy-293


Special Projects

This term we will be reinstating 5 chickens back in to the school grounds as they are now ready to start laying eggs.  We raised these chickens from eggs and they have been at the class teacher's home over the summer.

Leaders Dinner

On Tuesday, 21st March we hosted Christian School leaders to a lovely dinner and Introduction to our Enviro Programme.  The Enviro team showed them around the school gardens, the Recycling Area and the Chickens.  Holding the chickens was a highlight and the students did a fabulous job informing them of our progress over the past five years.
IMG 1042-985 IMG 9159-97

Passover at Easter

On the last Wednesday of term, Room 12 reenacted the last supper of Jesus following the Passover traditions with a Messianic script.  It was a wonderful experience and everyone learnt about the The Exodus and the Pascal lamb and final sacrifice by Jesus.  The class prepared the special food and bought a shared lunch as part of the celebration.  The special foods and the meanings behind them was of great value and I trust will help the students understand Easter more richly.

IMG 1536-294 IMG 1540-715
IMG 1546-87 IMG 1549-213


We have been learning a lot of Number Knowledge these past few weeks as well as delving into Measurement.  We have been measuring around the school and calculating mass and volume correlations.  With Mrs Varney we made bubble mixture and then enjoyed trying it out and making huge bubbles.
IMG 1026-744 IMG 1032 (2)-264
CAMP 2017
Camp was held at Chosen Valley Christian Camp from 28th February to 3rd March.  It was a wonderful time of building relationships, growing in God through praise and worship and camp speakers and being challenged with a wide range of activities and skills.
IMG 1170-693-564 IMG 1190-311-464
IMG 4511-614-97 IMG 4570-992-253
IMG 4603-269-450-23 IMG 5097-787-293
IMG 1229-322-804 IMG 5056-501-726
IMG 4538-805-435 IMG 4639-97-43
IMG 1191-690 IMG 1252-992
Student Reflections on Camp

The activities were thrilling at camp this year. They had everything from raft building to a flying fox over a lake! But I wasn't just engaged physically but spiritually. I grew closer to God at camp through Power Up time because they put the spotlight on God. I'm really looking forward to next year’s camp!

By Charlotte

I really enjoyed all the activities. The flying fox was so, so amazing. We all felt like we were flying over this incredible lake, it was so beautiful.

Also I feel like everyone grew closer to God in a spiritual way. We learnt the game of Christ and also how God loved us and how we can learn to love our selves. I really enjoyed this year’s camp. 2017 is one to remember.  By Suvetha

Camp was really fun, we learnt and grew closer to God and I also grew closer to the people around me. I also learnt to face some of my fears and learnt a few skills. Here are some: finishing the confidence course, facing my fears of seaweed and bugs, learning how to control a trolley going at a high speed. It was all fun and worth it going to camp.

By Samuel

I have many memories of camp but I will never forget how amazing the power up times were. The songs were amazing and we had great singers leading us. We also had a guy names Clive to talk to us, with his wife, about God NEVER leaving us and NEVER, NEVER, NEVER forsaking us. Then later during the week, Mrs Levine came and talked to us and told us that we were LOVED and there are ups and downs in everyone's lives but God will never stop loving us.

By Joy

Hearing air pellets whip through the air made my blood race around my body at 100 mph. Watching arrows ping onto their targets satisfied my eyes.

Listening to God's word touched my heart. Singing worship songs helped me understand me and God even more

By Abraham

I really enjoyed going to the 2017 camp, I had an awesome time,

and did loads of activities I hadn't tried before.

My favourite activity was the flying fox, going over the beautiful lake.

Through camp my spiritual relationship with God grew,

as we prayed and worshiped Him everyday,

We talked about how much He loves us and that He's always there and will never forget us.

My favourite part of camp was the camp concert,

as we had heaps of funny acts that kept us all entertained.  By Veronika

I really enjoyed being at Chosen Valley this year. The food was amazing, and all the activities were so much fun. I also really feel like I got a lot closer to God this year, through Power Up time.   By Tim


Thames Gold

On Friday 7th April, Middle School went to the Thames Gold-mining Experience.  We visited two venues on the day. The first included: a venture in to a genuine mine, a gold panning experience where they found lots of specks of gold and various stones and an example of the stamper battery and separating board including a visual display.  The men who gave us the tour were very informative and passionate about their topic.  The students were absorbed in the fount of stories these men had to share.

The second venue was the Bella Street Pump house which was the venue where they pumped water from the mines, 300m deep, out to the ocean, so that the gold seams could be followed and gold dug out.  The building included many artifacts and working models which had been constructed to show how the pump house and mining operations had worked.  

Overall it was a very educational and interesting experience for the children and adults alike.  Special thanks to Mr Taukatelata, Mrs Sisarich, Mrs Jiang, Mrs Paton-Simpson, Mrs Seton, Mr Tomlinson senior who came and helped on the day.  We recommend families visit this next time you are in the area.

IMG 1513-838 IMG 1510-451
IMG 1520-529 IMG 1523-57
IMG 1507-845IMG 1527-569 IMG 1509-330

Enviro News



Highlights of 2016

IMG 8722[1]-582

Container to Samoa: God is at Work

The other working project we did in Term 1 was to clean up old furniture and desks and transport them to Samoa in a container, which left in April and has been a huge help to the school the furniture went to in Apia.

We filled the desks with gifts for the school and the children and we know they brought much joy to the children in Samoa.  The message of Jesus love went with it and we prayed that many children will come to know Him as a result of our families generosity.

IMG 8721[1]-234-847 IMG 8720[1]-250-245

Farewell to Hermann and Zion

At the end of Term 2 we said farewell to both Hermann and Zion to Pacific Islands and we had a lovely party and prayer time, to send them on their way.

IMG 8714[1]-994-550


For Writing, in Term 1 we recorded personal stories as well as Recounts that had an emphasis on descriptive language and sequencing.  Later in Term 2 we did Procedural Writing.  This was a fabulous project as we learnt a lot about God is the Owner of the Earth. We did power point presentations on Explanations, on all sorts of Earthy questions.  These were a great way to learn from each other as we presented these to the class and then created Kahoot quiz games to see how well everyone had learnt the cool things we discovered.
The last weeks of Term 2, we are compiling an Anthology of Poetry which we will publish and enjoy reading over the coming months.  The students creativity is amazing.

Night Sky

There I lay upon the roof top
Starring into the midnight sky
Wondering what secrets it holds
I reach out my hands
to the sky
Trying to grab those secrets
which run away
I lay upon the roof top
As the stars fold themselves away
As the sun peaks over the horizon
As it cracks open the sky
I tell myself
Grab the secrets of today
To keep with tomorrow's.

By Abigail

Cold Neck

Sometimes I get a cold neck,
And I wonder about giraffes.
When Winter comes around
Do they wear big long scarves?

Do they wind it around their neck?
It must become a wreck.
For hooves aren't made for winding,
So all giraffes are finding....

That it's hard to reach up that far,
When other animals laugh,  "Haa Haa!"
If my legs where that far from my head,
I'd just wear a turtleneck instead!

By Emily


The first two terms we were studying and inquiring about Magnificent Machines and Earthy Science, especially looking at how the Earth is made up, Mountains, Rock identification and Volcanoes.  The video is of some of the class going in to our very own school lava cave or tomo.  It is a volcanic cave formed but Mount Albert or Owairaka when it erupted many hundreds of years ago.  The cave is rather large and we crawled our way to the back of it with torches and experienced a super black world when we turned out all the light.  It was awesome fun.

We designed a car in Hard Materials and looked at the Machines that pioneers used in NZ.  This gave us huge insight in to how hard people worked in early NZ .  We also learnt lots of technical terms about Machines like levers,pulleys, cogs, incline plane, wedge.
IMG 8724[1]-650-902

Term 3 was the Eggy Unit and a visit by Living Eggs.  This was a project where unhatched but fertilized eggs were bought to school and incubated for 10 days.. A couple of days after they arrived, the chickens hatched and we got to see these little chicks grow. We had some exciting inquiry learning that challenged the students to do some thoughtful processing of their research and understanding of Egg Production in NZ.  We raised 9 chickens from eggs, which was an absolute highlight of the term, of which the three hens are now in our  chicken run.  In Term 4 we are going to be raising another 10 eggs with the hope of their being about 8 hens to provide eggs for sale as Free Range through our Enviro Schools programme.
Term 4 we are studying Sustainable and Healthy Living.  This is an Inquiry project that requires the students to choose a topic of choice and then design questions to research and answer.  Following this, they must prepare a presentation to share with the class their findings and a practical outworking of their research that could apply to our lives.

Social Science

In Term 1 we explored Pioneers and Early Inhabitants of NZ and linked this to Waitangi Day which we celebrated on the 6th February.  Students did an inquiry project about things they wanted to learn about this significant day and also about the impact of the treaty on NZ life up till today. Later in the term we made a Museum about all our Pioneers and showed how the machines were used since early settler days, to today, and linking this in to Science and the understanding that machines are designed to make work easier.

Term 3 we followed the Olympics and the successes of our NZ team.  We had our own Olympics in our PE programme and created our team's identity with flags. 
Term 4 will be a Celebration of the Year and also a celebration of Hanukah, the Jewish festival of Light.  Jesus is the Light of the World and we celebrate His coming. This unit involves cooking food cooked in oil, playing the game, dreidel, and learning the history around this festival.


In Term 2 we wrote our own Psalms in response to learning all of Psalm 8.  These photos below are of our finished work.
IMG 8725[1]-590-566 IMG 8726[1]-140-239
IMG 8727[1]-524 IMG 8728[1]-438

For the first two terms we focused on Numeracy and the understanding of Number and Measurement.  There has been wonderful learning taking place with great results in E asTTle Tests. Since then we have covered Algebra and Geometry with equally great progress being gained by all students.  Term 4 completes the programme with Probability and Statistics.


Each term the Reading Groups will do a play.  Click here to view a snippet of Comets Group doing their play.
Click here To view a group play by Melvyn and Weitong.
Over Term 2 we have learnt about Bias and Prejudice and Fact and Opinion in text.  Click here to view a lesson in action that include our student teacher from America, Mr Hall. 
In Term 3 we combined our Writing around Poetry with our Reading understanding of Figurative Language which we were able to apply successfully in to our Anthologies which we printed and now enjoy reading in the class.
Ronnie from Radio Rhema is working with us in Term 4 to write Narratives for the section on Rhema called 'That's the Story' that airs each day at 1:40 for 15minutes.  We will record our stories and then have them play on Rhema for a week later in the year. This is a very exciting project and we are delighted to have such a great reason to write.

Activities for Intermediate School

Water Safety and Survival Skills 

IMG 8717[1]-565 IMG 8716[1]-695
Indoor netball team-344
This is our Intermediate Indoor Netball team, 2016, who were winners in their Friday night competition in Term 1.
Junior Enviro team and soft plastics-689
The Junior Enviro team 2016.

Enviro Activities

Harvesting from our newly appointed gardens.

IMG 8718[1]-2

Outdoor Netball and Futsal

In Term 2&3 we are playing both outdoor netball at Three Kings Netball Assoc and Futsal at Unitec.  
The netball girls played on Saturday morning and we thank Mrs Ross and her daughter, Genevieve, who coached the girls twice a week and also on Saturday. They did well, with at least one win on most weeks.
The Futsal teams play on Friday night and we have three teams entered.  One Year 5&6, a Year 7 and a Year 7-9.  They  played well and enjoyed the challenging games. The Year 7 team were Runners Up for one term.
Term 4 is equally challenging with many students playing Indoor Netball in either the Under 13 or Under 15 grades. 

Bubble Soccer Fundraiser

This was an afternoon with lots of laughs.

IMG 0181[1]-951-464IMG 8715[1]-877



Every second week in Term 2 and Term 4, we run a Clubs programme for all Intermediate students.  It is an opportunity for them to use their gifts in an interesting setting.  Term 2 they can choose between: Mosaics, Chess, Tennis, Coding and Settlers of Catan.  This programme is loved by all the students and we have some photos from these Clubs. 

Term 4 Clubs start soon with options of: Ice Skating, Chess or Library Helpers.

Camp 2016

Clink the link to see some of the wonderful experiences we had at camp. Click here

Camp was awesome this year and we had some fabulous 'Power Up' times where we sang and heard the Word of God preached.   We valued Mr Scott's input in to two of our sessions  We learnt about Esther with him and even had a Purim party one night and read the whole book of Esther, booing at the mention of Haman's name and making lots of noise.

Mrs Scott taught on the Fear of God and how we had to hate sin.  She demonstrated with the pig bucket of food waste and how we sometimes treat sin as something to enjoy and allow it to be in our lives, but she showed us that pig slops aren't for eating and we should hate sin just like we hate the idea of eating pig slops.
 Click here to view.

IMG 0576-592 IMG 8052-409
IMG 8075-444 IMG 8026-288

Samoa 2016

On Thursday, 29th September we went to Samoa for our second trip to this amazing Pacific location.  We spent 9 days exploring and learning and living alongside these beautiful people.  The first 7 days we stayed at Lolatalie River Retreat on the south coast of the main island.  We slept in genuine fales, swam and washed in the river and generally lived a grass-roots lifestyle.  We were cared for wonderfully by Jane and Olsen who are making a big difference in this part of the world with environmental issues and reforestation.  We learnt some Samoan dances and songs and prepared a drama and other activities to entertain the children.  We performed in local schools and churches which was a big challenge, but everyone rose to the occasion.  The sea was warm and full of amazing fish and coral life.  We loved snorkelling and investigating the vibrant life under the sea.  Outrigger canoeing and swimming with giant clams were a highlight.

We returned in the second week of the holidays ready to head back to school very fulfilled and truly blessed from such a rich experience.

IMG 0024-705-833 IMG 0121-424-605
IMG 0112-867-835 IMG 9607-77-652
IMG 9666-364-592 IMG 9703-90-923


Highlights of 2015

We have studied electricity and how to build a circuit.  We also created our own electrical models which was a lot of fun. See our photos of our creations.

IMG 3204-735

IMG 3206-586

IMG 3207-37

IMG 3208-857

IMG 3210-967

IMG 0137-519


School Camp:  Peter Snell Youth Village 2015

IMG 2868-59

IMG 2890-791

IMG 2909-939

IMG 2927-864

IMG 2963-537

DSC 0509-373

Camp was absolutely fabulous.  We had great teaching times, worship and singing was so meaningful and the activities and trip to Tiri Tiri Matangi were all highlights.



Below are some poems we wrote in Term 1, 2015 after ANZAC Day 


Dead land everywhere
Swelling, Collapsing, Screaming, Terror and Crying
Seeing Mother Nature fold them into her arms
Bodies dropping into deep sleep
Digging for our lives
Discouragement fills the air
The Lord’s Prayer is my ticket to heaven.

By AbigailANZAC 1


OH NO! I’m arriving in Gallipoli and my mates are getting shot!
Everyone got there, and boy, was it hot!
It was as hot as a pool of lava!
And it was a haunted house with all of the dead bodies!
Now a bullet’s flying at me!
I don’t know what to see!
It missed, as a sign of relief.
But the next one got me, as a sign of GRIEF!
It got me in the head, and it really hurt.
Luckily there was a medic called Kurt!
He helped me, and my wound got healed!
My allies ran onto the battlefield!
They shot the Turks, and they never missed.
And then everyone got shot, and angrily hissed.
It was as bad as my friend dying.
But KABOOM! I was healed again.
Unfortunately, Anzac's retreated out of the war!

By Alex


Bang! Another soldier gone
Climbing up the hill
So tired and weak
It’s as cold as the North Pole
I see a body
It was my friend
I feel so sad
BANG! Another one gone.

By Eloise

Gallipoli 4



With the sound of gunshots cramming our ears
The hail of bullets,
Many tears.
A stream of blood,
The death of friends,
Eight months never ends.

By Emily

Gallipoli 6



Bullets flying everywhere
Bushes filled with blood
Brave men being killed by the second
Uncountable dead
Soldiers lying on the grass
And the last thing you know
You are shot through the heart.   

By Macauley



Sheets of bullets were flying everywhere
One by one people were shot
Blood splashed all over the ground
Frustration and fear was in everyone
Flies and maggots were eating away at people
Sadness of losing your friends
Climbing up the mountain
Leaving the dead rotting bodies behind
Digging and digging trying to make a good trench
 The water was like someone had boiled it
And someone had drank half of the water
The government decided no one was winning  
Finally we went on a ship back to New Zealand

By Hannah


Confusion and Frustration
Scattered across the Battlefield
Fighting to accomplish the objective
And get to our desired destination
Nothing but death at the Gallipoli Peninsula
Burying our mates
In hope to see them again

By Hermann
Gallipoli 7



It all started on 25th of April 1915
When the ANZACs started firing onto the Turks.
Showers of bullets flew over the soldiers heads
Their best mates died right in front of their eyes
And the blood from the wounded bodies……
Stained the ground brown and red
The food was disgusting
And water was scarce
This would be anyone’s worst nightmare
But this time….
You’re not in Bed                           

By Isaac Liu


Sheets of bullets whizzing through the air.
Blood everywhere you look .
The smell of death haunting you.
Gun shots hit.
The bleeding body pusses, then slowly folds into the ground.
Anger building up inside.
Flies ,disease.
Not caring if you live or die.
Lost 300 in less than 5 mins.
Never been closer to the destiny of a great nation.
Australian New Zealand Army Corps
We remember you on this day!

By Lydia


Soldiers going off to war
Hard life
Very hot
Eating rotten food
Smelling rotten bodies
Listening to bullets flying
Hiding in their hold
Trying to help their friends
Feeling helpless but brave
ANZAC Day is sad.

By Minseo

Gallipoli 7


Machine guns go bang like scary fireworks.
Fire filled the sky.
Exhausted from climbing the hills.
Fear in all their eyes.
Striving to get to the top.
Bullets are flying through the air.
Bang one goes down, then another.
You feel this feeling that is indescribable.
Dead corpse rest in peace. 

By Trinity

Clubs from 2015

Chess (2)-39



Chess club


Chess club.  We also came third in the National  Chess Championships for Intermediate in October, 2015, which was fantastic.




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