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Year 5 Room 9

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Room 9  Year 5 

Room 9 is a class of 22 Year 5  children. There are 15 girls and 7 boys. 

Year 5 is the first year of the Middle School at Hebron Christian College, and there will be many new experiences for these children.

The first major new event was going away on School Camp, in the seventh week of Term 1.  For some children, this was their first time away from home without their parents. 

A continual activity introduced at this level, is daily running around the school. The circuit is about 250 metres, so both children and their teacher are able to total the distances covered. Using Google Earth, the children get to see their progress from Auckland.. In past years, the class has run South and South East. In 2014, one year 5 student ran as far as Te Kaha, on the East Cape, while the rest of the class reached Whakatane or further! In 2015, the route was Highway 1, towards Wellington. By December, nearly all of the class  reached Turangi, and six  passed Taihape (410 km), while one boy reached Hunterville (almost 500km). 

Room 9 children are becoming proficient readers and enjoy sharing their skills several times per week by reading with their five-year old buddies in Room 8.

Learning Te Reo on a regular basis is another feature Room 9, as is the recitation of Memory Verses at school assemblies.

Our theme in term 3 is God is Our Provider and we can trust Him for all our needs

In Devotions, we will investigate in the Bible how God provides for us, just as He has provided for others in the past.

In Health, we will learn about Food and Nutrition, and have a visit from the Life Education Trust.

In Social Science, we will study laws and Government, and conduct a mock election. This will supplement speech-writing for the annual Speech Contest.

Room 9 Fitness

Everyday Room 9 children run around the school, which is a 250 metre circuit. The distances run are aggregated over the whole year and certificates given for reaching major towns in the North island. Every year, we try to run further than the previous Room 9 class. In 2011, one boy ran as far as Hamilton (126 km). In 2012, the first runner "reached" Rotorua. (232 km). In 2013, one boy passed Whakatane (300 kms) and started to "run around" East Cape! (375 km). In 2014, the whole class ran at least 60 km further than the previous class, and the whole class reached Whakatane. The fitness levels of all class members increase noticeably as the year progresses.

In 2015, the route was changed to Highway 1 through the middle of the North Island. It is expected that all children will run as far as Auckland to Turangi, (320 km) with the first six children running as far as Taihape. (410 kms)

By the end of this year, most of the class will have "reached" Taupo (270 km).

Middle School Camp March 2017

Camp is such a spectacular time of the year when we come together and learn about God and His amazing creation. This year we went to Chosen Valley near Drury, in South Auckland. The children enjoyed a variety of activities, and were spoken to by engaging speakers.
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