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Year 4 Room 14

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 Room 14 is a Year 4 class at Hebron Christian College. There are 15 students: 8 girls and 7 boys with ages ranging from 8 to 9 years of age.  There are many nationalities represented in the class. The class is made up of many talented students with musical, sporting and artistic abilities.

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Term Themes for 2017 Events taking place throughout the term
Term 1  God is at wise - to discover Science/ Social Science: Metals & discoverers and inventors; Swimming Sports; Athletics; Noho Marae (2 day camp) educational visit; Interim reports.
Term 2 God is loving and wants us to be loving -reach out Wk2 mum's Celebration night (Friday 6-8pm); Wk4 Scripture Scholar (Friday) Wk3-5 Gymnastics; Wk8 Matariki
Term 3 God is our provider and he wants us to be responsible for the world and to have faith - growth ,Wk5 Book week; Wk 7 Fathers Day Celebration; Wk8 Cross Country running; W10 Speeches
Term 4 God is with us and wants us to be courageous - challenges Wk 1 Operation Christmas Child; Wk 2Junior Flower show; Wk Celebration Day; Wk 7 Prize giving; Wk 8 Junior End to year outing.

School Musical - The Shepherd King

Musical is based on the story of David.

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Science/Technology Building Simple Machines

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IMG 0016 IMG 0102

Developing our Swimming and Safety Skills

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Preparing for Martariki Festival

Click on below to view the students in action, preparing their stars for the festival.
Photo 1

Students paint ANZAC poppies
DSC05288 DSC05287

Mothers Day

Students are working on a mothers day gift. Photo's show the children working in the hard tech room making part of their project.
DSC05295 DSC05294
DSC05293 DSC05292


Science and Technology

Students had to research, design and build a musical instrument
DSC05286  DSC05283
DSC05282 DSC05284

Spring Flower Show

Amazing things can be done with a vegetable.Students in the primary school have been creating their flower and vegetable displays.

133 135 131

Being Creative using Applied Maths and Technology skills

The class have been learning to use a ruler and to learn about multiples. They have applied their learning making a travellers game in hard tech. Jaime and Joy are pleased with their projects.
DSC05090 DSC05093 DSC05094

One of our reading groups practice their play and then present at assembly
DSC05008 DSC05001
Junior worship group made up of room 6 and room 14 students leads the assembly in worship
Kapa Haka Group practice for their performance for later this term.
DSC05002 DSC05005

Social Sciences

The class have been learning about early life in New Zealand. In pairs they have made model colonial villages.
DSC04958 DSC04970 DSC04961


Students are being taught futsal skills by Auckland futsal coaches.
DSC04791 DSC04804 DSC04795
DSC04796 DSC04802 DSC04820

Social Science

Our class have been learning about change. We made a visit to M.O,T,A.T to learn about early New Zealand and how things have changed over the years.
DSC04832 DSC04856
DSC04840 DSC04829

Waste Wise
Our school has a commitment to reduce waste and take less to the land fill. Our class is watching what our school has placed in the rubbish in one day. An audit is being taken by our year 7's, the rubbish is sorted and weighed to see how much we are sending to the landfill.

DSC04614 DSC04615 DSC04616
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Football For Kidz

Physical activity is important for our children. Football NZ have come into our school to promote the fun and the skills of football. The keen children will continue to learn more skills throughout the term.

DSC04540 1(copy)
DSC04544 1(copy) DSC04545 1(copy) DSC04547 1(copy)

Food and Nutrition

For health, the students are learning the importance of eating well. As part of this unit, the students had a visit from Life Education.
DSC04668 DSC04676 DSC04671

Cultural Dancing

Students perform the Maypole folk dance at assembly.
DSC04624a DSC04629a
DSC04630a DSC04631a


The students have been learning about metals. One of the activities was to make a creation out of wire. Some skilful and creative designs were produced.

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009 1Recycling
Our class have been learning about the importance of caring for our environment. Pictured on the left are the students at the Waitakere Transfer Station.


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