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Year 3 Room 6


Welcome to Room 6

Room 6 is our Year 2/3/4 classroom at Hebron Christian College. 

Rm 6 Term 1 2017

​In our room this term we have 22 students, 12 boys and 10 girls with ages ranging from 6-8. We are a very diverse group with nationalities spanning the globe from China, Sth Africa, Malaysia, Ireland,from India, Tonga, Sweden and Samoa and not forgetting of course our Kiwi children.
Room 6 is a composite class with 1 Year 4 student, 12 Year 3 students and 9 Year 2 students .
We are a class that loves to praise the Lord and to invite Him to be a part of our lessons throughout the day.


This term our theme is...

God is our Provider

We can trust Him to provide all our needs!

Term 3 

Since Creation God has met the needs of all animals and mankind. Our lessons this term will focus on just how God has done this for many different biblical characters including Noah, Elijah and David.

Topic - Ready Steady Grow!
This term we are studying plants and how they grow and provide us with food. We will be looking at hydroponics and making our own plastic bottle planters.

Ready Steady Grow-244-893-20

Our focus will be on capturing the different elements and aspects of nature particularly in relation to trees, plants and fruit. Here is a picture of our Kandinsky styled Tree Of Life.

WP 20170816 16 23 08 Pro (2) LI-948

Looking Back at Term 2, 2017
We began our term by doing some self-portraits. We also took the opportunity to learn a little bit about abstract art by styling some of our portraits after the late, great artist, Picasso. Here are some of our portraits created the normal way.

Self portraits Term 1 2017-36
Looking Back At 2016

Term 4 Class Photo

Class photo T4-651

We are such a cool looking class. We work hard and we learn lots of new things. This term will be so exciting for us because we are learning how to be cooperative and how we can work together as a team. This is very important as God doesn't have favourites and He has made us all equal. His Word tells us that we should value one another highly When we work together we are learning how to do this. How wonderful is that!

This is our Class Photo from Term 3

We are really enjoying our new desks.


Class photo Term 3-932-315

Term 4 2016

Room 6 has had a very busy start to the new term. We welcomed into our class Miss Kang, a student teacher from Laidlaw who is currently completing her final year of teacher training. Miss Kang has full control of the class for the next 4 weeks.

Miss Kang (2)-264-483
Here is a photo of Miss Kang with Rm 6 at our Flower Show.


Junior Flower Show

Every year the children from the Junior classes are encouraged to let their creativity soar as they celebrate our own very Creative God by making beautiful floral displays, miniature gardens, vegetable critters and sand saucers. I remember doing this when I was at school and it was truly such a wonderful experience as a young child.

Flower show (2)-967

Here is Indy having an enjoyable time doing her sand saucer in class.

Some more photos of our Flower Show Fun!

For web page Our Junior Flower Show 2016-927

Our beautiful Summer Wall Display.

In Room 6 we enjoy doing art. Some of our artwork is so good we like to display it in the Hall. It certainly does add a splash of colour that is difficult to miss. Here is one of our floral displays.

         Welcome to Summer wall display-996         

Looking back at Term 3 2016

Trash to Fashion

To cap off our Topic Unit on Recycling the Room 6 children were asked to create their own costumes using recyclable materials. We then held a Trash to Fashion Show where all the other Junior classes could come along and admire all the beautiful creations. We even got a write up in the newsletter (see below). Here is a picture of some of our amazing costumes.

For web page Trash to Fashion-565

...and here is our write up from the newsletter.

For webpage trash to fashion-527


2016 Junior Speech Competitions

In Week 9 of Term 3 the Year 3 and 4 students took part in the Junior Speech Competitions. To begin with, all the children had to write their own speeches on a specific topic which they then presented in their classes. From this 3 Year 3 and 3 Year 4 students were chosen to participate in the finals of the speech competitions. We are very proud to say that the winner of the Junior Speech Competitions for 2016 was our very own Adelle Ling who presented and excellent speech on Rubbish! Rubbish! Rubbish!
Adelle speech competitions
Here is a picture of Adelle (on the right) with the other place getters.

Room 6 2016-472
Our Fabulous Room 6 Students


Room 6 Achievements

Each year the Year 3 children are encouraged to take part  in the NSW examinations. Here is a photo of our 5 Year 3 children who sat the Science exam and recently received their certificates.


The school musical: 'Shepherd King'.

Written by the students and Mrs Poppe our school musical based on the story of David was very successful! It even had lots of singing sheep!

Shepherd King-488


Our Japanese Visitors

This term our school has been blessed to receive visits from not just one, but three different Japanese schools. One of the students came to visit Room 6 to teach us how to do origami. Mrs Ha, our art teacher came along too. Such fun! Enjoy the photo :)

Japanese students-111

Road Safety: The children enjoyed a morning with Sgt Deane learning how to cross the road safely.
Phototastic-23 07 2016 b13ec77a-4097-4c14-ba97-8f92a5d06bd4(1)-182-822


Bubble Soccer

Occasionally we take time out for a bit of fun. Here we are helping to raise funds for the school ball by taking part in some 'bubble soccer'!
Bubble soccer-543

Silly Hat Day

We like to have lots of fun in Room 6 so occasionally we do extra special activities such as making silly hats. For this activity the children decorated their own hats and wore them for the day before taking them home. Here is a photo of everyone wearing their creative hats.
WP 20160615 13 08 22 Pro (2)-837

How do we know that God is Holy Pure and what exactly does that mean? We know because the Bible tells us. The Bible also exhorts us to 'be holy as He (God) is holy'. To be 'holy' means to be 'set apart'. In Devotions this term we will learn about biblical characters such as Moses and Joshua who had a divine call on their lives and who were 'set apart' for the work God called them to do.


In Topic we will be taking a look at the origins of the Olympic Games and their differences and similarities to today's games. We will also be following NZ's progress in the games in Rio 2016 and praying hard that they will exceed all expectations and bring home even more medals than their previous tally of 15 at the games in London 2012. The children will also do a Home Assignment on 'My Olympic Great!'.
Photos to come :)


Term 2 Highlights

Mountains and Volcanoes

After looking at ANZAC Day we began our study of Mountains and volcanoes. Here is a picture of an experiment we carried out to show how tectonic plates work. 

For webpage Topic Term 2Tectonic Plates experiment-152

To begin Term 2 we will be looking at the heroic actions of the many New Zealanders who went to war and fought valiantly for God and country in our Topic Unit on ANZAC Day. This will be followed by and in-depth look at Mountains and Volcanoes. To cap off our Topic studies this term we will take a look at Japan and New Zealand and discover the differences and similarities on the way we lives our lives.

Anzac Day-139

Our ANZAC Day display in Room 6.

In Week 2 we begin our study on Mountains and Volcanoes where we will learn about different types of volcanoes and some of the differences between mountains and volcanoes.

Topic 2016-723


Room 6 is a very creative classroom and we take pride in producing quality artwork which showcases our talents and creativity. Our paintings and pastel work is proudly displayed in the brightly coloured corridor outside our classroom. Here is a small sample of our work this term.

Phototastic-17 06 2016 57d59cbc-83e1-42d4-ab94-bcee053d276b-909

Looking back at Term 1.


Making work easier.
In our Topic studies we have been looking at the way things work. Or Key Understanding has been that God is diligent in the way He created the world and everything in it. The students have learned about natural forces made by God and how these forces can be used by man to make work easier. They have also learned how simple machines have been invented to help us in our daily tasks.

For webpage

For their Home Assignment students had to construct their own simple machine. Here are some of the children showing off their creativity.

As part of our Topic Studies the Junior School visited MOTAT where the children spent the day looking at machines from our earlier days and discovering how they worked.

For webpage motat-936

In Room 6 we create some really amazing art work. Here we are working on our papier mache.
Art in Rm 6-195

Have a look at some of our other fantastic art.

More art-33

We do a lot of swimming in Room 6. Here is a picture of some of our students having fun time in the pool :)


Looking back at 2015


This year marks the 100 year anniversary of the landing at Gallipoli of the ANZAC forces. The children have been learning this week about the significance of this day in NZ history and the heroic actions of thousands of NZ soldiers as they went to war to fight for a free world. Many of our gallant soldiers never came home again. The children have learned about the conditions these soldiers lived in and the horrors of warfare. They have also learned about the poppy and its symbolism for the ANZAC soldiers.


Here is a photo of the white crosses planted next to the Junior playground by the students in commemoration of ANZAC Day.




For our first art lesson this term the children drew and coloured giant poppies and made white crosses for our ANZAC Day mural which is displayed in the corridor outside Room 6.
This is a photo of some the lovely Room 6 girls standing in front of our mural holding the giant poppies they created for the ANZAC Day memorial service being held at Hebron on April 24th.

Rm 6 girls
Highlights from 2014
Our new student teacher from the USA. Miss Sterr joined our Rm 6 class in Term 3 to complete her teaching degree. Miss Sterr will be doing her full control this term and will be teaching the children for most of their subjects.
Book week 3
This photo was taken during our Book Week in Term 3. The children are all dressed in their costumes for Wacky Wednesday as are our two amazing teachers, Mrs Sellar and Miss Sterr.
Operation Christmas Child
Operation Christmas Child
It was wonderful to see all the Room 6 children with their shoe boxes full of Christmas gifts for children less fortunate than themselves.

Noah: Our school Musical.
God has created us to be created. This term we staged our school musical based on the life of Noah. All the Juniors got to dress up as 'little creatures'. There was a fine array of costumes and beautiful colours. Some of the Room 6 children even got to sing solo parts in their item 'God doesn't forget about us, just because we're small!'
Amisha, Maddi, Grace and Theo were soloists for the Junior item.

For Topic this term we have been studying Living Things. Did you know that in order for something to be 'alive'  it has to breathe, react, grow, reproduce, eat and drink, excrete and move?
This term we have been growing our own beans as well as making and growing some grass heads. Now we are making observations as we monitor their growth.

grass heads

Here is a photo of Faith and Emma holding their grass heads.

World of Maths
In Week 2 Room 6 attended the World of Maths which was held in our school hall. The students had a wonderful time learning how to do 'MATH"' in a hands on way. There were lots of different activities and everyone had the opportunity to try their hand at something new. Who would have guessed that Maths could be so exciting!!!

Photos coming soon. Watch this space.

We do amazing work in Room 6

We do amazing work in Room 6 2

Junior School visit to MOTAT

On Friday all the Junior classes went on visit to MOTAT.
This was in keeping with our focus for Social Science this term on 'How have people changed the way they do things?' The children got to hear many interesting bits of information on how people lived in the early days of NZ history, the clothes they wore, the food they ate and the houses they lived in. The children were also able to dress up in the style of clothing worn by the NZ pioneers.

Photos coming very soon. Watch this space.

Our exciting afternoon with the Year 13 students.

We had loads of fun participating in different activities organised by our fabulous Year 13 students. We got to spend the whole afternoon participating in events such as the sack race, the tennis ball and spoon race, and the playground obstacle course race to name a few. At the end we had a wonderful time singing praise and worship with their band.
Fun day with Yr 13s 2
We are waiting for the fun to begin :)

Fun day with Yr 13s 5
Olivia racing to take the gold under the watch eye of Jon, one of our Year 13 students.

Fun day with Yr 13s 4Fun day with Yr 13s 6

Above: Racing across the playground.
To the right: William with his tennis ball and spoon.

               Fun day with Yr 13s 3                                                                                            
Talia and Max with Arushi, Joshua and Sang Jin, three of our Year 13 students who organised the event.

Our Junior Swimming Sports

This year for the first time our Juniors participated in the Junior Swimming Sports 2014 swimming in the Hebron School swimming pool. We had a lot of parent support and although the weather was a little chilly, especially in the shade, our children had a wonderful time.


Easter In Room 6

Easter was a special time for us as we learned all about how Jesus Died for us on the Cross
Jesus is alive and living in us!". Over Easter we learnt all about the events leading up to our Jesus' death on the cross.

We washed each other's feet and celebrated the triumphant moment when we could proclaim  'He has risen, He has risen indeed! '












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