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Year 11

Year 11of 2017

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This is our wonderful Year 11 class. These students are not just academically bright, but are blessed with many talents too, some are creative artists, singers, public speakers, digital technicians etc.

"Hello, my name is Miyu. I'm an international student from Japan and this is my third year at Hebron Christian College. Since my mother was a Christian already, I became a Christian before I came to New Zealand and Hebron helped me a lot to strengthen my relationship with God through Jesus and experience God's work; through the normal school life as well as through some school events such as camp. At Hebron Christian College, we start a day with devotion every morning to have a silent time with God, opening the Bible. This encourages us to open the Bible daily and train to listen to God’s best plan for us. One of the biggest event through the year is camp. At the camp, we have a time to worship God with songs and a time to listen to a message by a special guest/messenger, while we have  plenty of time to play around and have fun as well. I think Hebron Christian College is a good place to grow as a cheerful and devoted Christian, who can stand firm and walk forward in today's society”.

My name is Nanako Nakajima. Hebron Christian College is a very good school. I came to this school this year. My classmates are kind to me and include me in everything, although I speak very little English. The teachers at Hebron are kind and friendly too'.

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At Hebron, we are encouraged to share our faith and live like Christ. We are privileged to be taught by inspirational and wonderful teachers in Hebron....By Rejoice, Julia, Lydia and Olivia 

Rejoice says: In Africa, I experienced first-hand miracles that have helped me to become more closer to God. I completely fell in love with the people and the community of Tanzania and I hope to return to Africa somtime in the future’. 

Lydia says: I enjoy mathematics with Mrs Varney because I find it easy to understand her teaching methods. 

This year, 3 students (Nikhil Chauhan, Geoff Chen and Rejoice Falaniko) from Year 11 had the opportunity to travel to Tanzania, Africa to share the Good News amongst the people.

Nikhil Chauhan stated that the mission trip, “Helped me to increase my implicit faith in God.” Thank You, Hebron for the great things you are doing for us!! 

Abraham Ye commented that, “It really helped me to stay fit and healthy!”

 I started at Hebron Christian College this year in February. When I first entered this school, I had no idea what to expect. When teachers were constantly talking about internals and externals, I had no idea what to think or what to prepare for. But three terms into this year, I now understand what I need to do and am no longer in a panic. Hebron Christian College has educated me well on this matter....Matthew Milner

‘Hebron provides a great environment for academic as well as for personal growth. This campus allows the students to develop heathy relationships with each other and with their teachers while collectively moving towards a brighter future’ says Geoff. 

Hebron Christian College is a great school! The teachers are kind and always approachable when we students have questions and they are always striving to do the best they can to help us achieve outstanding results!  We are given a range of options to choose from. There are the normal everyday subjects like Maths and English but we are also given optional subjects which range from German, Geography, Art, Biology & many more. We’ve done many fun things this year. We went to an organisation called ‘The Wall’ for P.E.



Hebron provides a great environment for young Christian’s to learn and socialise with people with the same morals and faith. Although it is a small school it gives the opportunity to its  students to create strong bond with each other and their teachers. We have recently just had our school ball and it was a great event and the Year 13’s (especially Kayla Williams and Sarah Premkumar) did a great job. I think Hebron lays a solid biblical foundation for young adults...Matthew B 












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