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Year 1 - Room 8

Welcome to Room 8 .

We are a class of  diligent learners interested in discovering what God has for us .

Our parents are from  China, Samoa, Phillipines and New Zealand.

We are all five and this is our first exciting year at school.

Besides learning to read, write and count ,

we also learn to pray, praise and worship God.

Let us show you what we have been doing at  school.

Theme for this term...

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God is Our Provider
and He wants us to trust Him.

1 Timothy 6 : 17 b
God richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment.

Join us in our Learning Adventure...


We can be Heroes.

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We celebrate Our  Dads.


Sergeant McEntee came to teach us about Safe Crossing.

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2017 R8 PEMusical-171

We learn about Bible heroes.
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We learn to eat wisely.
We learn to work with numbers.
We learn to work with shapes.
maths shapes
We learn to listen to stories.
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We learn about Maori Culture
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John and Noah won first and second place at our bi annual Hebron Bible Scholars

for the Junior School.

week 8 pic

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2017 noho m
We learn about Chinese Brush Painting from Yifei's grandmother, an artist from China. 
2017 art
We had so much fun on our Junior Athletics Day.
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We  watched our caterpillar turned into a beautiful Monarch butterfly in class.
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Room 6 came to teach us a new skill.

We celebrated Mother's Day.  We presented a rose to our Mum.

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Bubble Boys (2)
We learn to identify and name some rocks found in New Zealand .
IMG 5188
We learn to listen to author Brian Falkner when he shares his writing with us.
IMG 4177
We learn to celebrate God's special season -  autumn.
We learn to make Autumn crowns.
wow1 (320x320) wow2a (320x320)

We learn to make beautiful Autumn leaf prints.
IMG 3988

We learn many new games with our friends from Year 13.
IMG 3986


We learn to share our News.
amy1 (240x179) levi1 (240x179) tegas 1 (240x179)
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We  are learning some

new "hoop" skills.
IMG 2914 (240x179)

Learning about books with Room 9
IMG 2932 (240x179) IMG 2944 (240x179) IMG 2946 (240x179)
An interesting story. A funny story. A Princess story.
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In Maths, we learn to count and record. 
IMG 3152 (500x500) (350x350) IMG 3619 (350x350)

In Science, we learn to make simple machines.
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At  MOTAT  we  compared  the  OLD  and  the  NEW .
DSC02617web DSC02624web DSC02633web
...smart phones and telephones ...candle and electric lamp ...writing with a quill !

More  to  learn  at  THE  MACHINE.
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We learn to explore the bush and coastline.
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IMG 3710web

We learn to share the Easter story.
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