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2017 Staff (800)-332
4th Row: Miss Yeonie Jeong, Mr Raymond Wong, Mrs Sandra Palmer, Mrs Lena Chua (since left)
3rd Row: Mrs Gay Jones, Mrs Jan Nyemetz, Mrs Debbie Airey, Mrs Coralee Little, Mrs SHinae Ha, Mrs Mona Mohun
2nd Row: Mrs Lynn Williams (retired), Mr Livisi Latailakepa, Mr Peter McDonough, Mrs Karen Finn, Mr Grant Richardson, Mrs Megan Miller, Mr Murray Smith
Front Row: Mrs Jeanette Starrenburg, Mrs Ruth Scott, Mr Bruce Breetvelt (now left), Mr Geoff Matthews, Mrs Mary Seah, Mrs Margaret Sellar, Mrs Charmaine McMahon
Absent: Barbara Hart, Lisa Wong, Mrs Sarah Poppe, Mrs Julie Cairns, Mr Malcolm Davidson, Mrs Susan Fookes, Mrs mabel Mathew, Mrs gaby Neumayr, Mrs Kristelle Varney, Mrs Tina Cochrane
Department Position Person
Leadership Principal Mr Geoff Matthews
Deputy Principal Unfilled
Junior School Leader Mrs Mary Seah
Middle School Leader Mrs Ruth Scott
Secondary School Mrs Karen Finn & Mrs Mabel Mathew
Learning Centre Mrs Jeanette Starrenburg
Principal's Nominee Mrs Karen Finn
ESOL Mrs Jeanette Starrenburg
Administration Secretary Mrs Charmaine McMahon
Assistant Secretary Mrs Julie Cairns
Medical School Nurse Mrs Julie cairns
Finance Bursar Mrs Jan Nyemetz
Assistant Bursar Mrs Noemi Pavlicz
Uniforms Organiser Mrs Lisa Wong
Computers IT Technician Mr Laurie Stevens
Property Caretaker & Cleaner Unfilled
Department Subject Level(s) Teacher
Secondary Accounting 12 & 13 Unfilled
Art Y9-Y13 Mrs Christine van der Walt
Bible & Evangelism Y9-Y12 Mr Craig Scott
Biology Y12-Y13 Mrs Mabel Mathew
Chemistry Y12-y13 Mr Livisi Latailakepa
Computer Studies Y9-Y10 Mrs Kristelle varney
Consumer Econ. Y9 Mrs Barbara Hart
Correspondence Y11-13 Mrs Karen Finn
Economics Y13 Mrs Karen Finn
English Y9 Mr Murray Smith
Y10 Mr Malcolm Davidson
Y11-13 Mrs Sue Fookes
German Y9,10,12 Mrs Gaby Neumayr
Geography Y11-13 Mr Murray Smith
Hard Materials Tec. Y7-10 Mr Peter McDonough
History Y11 Mr Malcolm Davidson
Life Skills Y9-10 Mrs Barbara Hart
Mathematics Y9 Mrs Mabel Mathew
Y11-13 Mrs Kristelle Varney
Y10,1213 Mr Raymond Wong
Performing Arts Y9-10 Mrs Sarah Poppe
Physical Education Y9-12 Mr Craig Scott
Y9-12 Mrs Karen Finn
Physics Y12-13 Mr Livisi Latailakepa
Science Y9 Mr Malcolm Davidson
Y10-11 Mrs Mabel Mathew
Social Studies Y9-10 Mr Malcolm Davidson
Soft Material Tech Y9-10 Mrs Barbara Hart

Department Level(s) Room Teacher
Junior Primary Y1 8 Mrs Mary Seah
Y2 7 Mrs Tina Cochrane
Y3 6 Mrs Margaret Sellar
Y4 14 Mr Peter McDonough
Mrs Mona Mohun
Music 13 Mrs Sarah Poppe
Tchr Aide 6,7 & 8 Mrs Megan Miller
Senior Primary Y5 9 Mr Grant Richardson
Y6/Y7 10 Miss Yeonie Jeong
Intermediate Y7/Y8 12 Mrs Ruth Scott
  Hard Mat. 13 Mr Peter McDonough
  Soft Mat. 2 Mrs Barbara Hart
  Art Artroom Mrs Christine Van der Walt
Library Y1-8 Librarian Mrs Debbie Airey
Music Y1-Y10 Hall Mrs Sarah Poppe
Special Needs Tutor Learning C Mrs Gay Jones
Jnr Sch Aide Tchr Aide 6-8 Mrs Megan Miller
  Tchr Aide 10 Mrs Sandra Palmer


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The latest Education Review Office Report (2013) on Hebron Christian College has been publicised on the Government ERO website.

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