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6 October 2017

It is with much delight and great anticipation that the Elim Christian Proprietors Trust and the Biblical Education Services Trust (BEST, aka. Hebron Christian College School Board) make the following announcement:

On May 31st 2017, we advised that the Biblical Educational Services Trust (BEST) had entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Elim Christian Proprietors Trust. This memorandum aimed at seeing the objectives of BEST being achieved with Hebron as an Integrated Elim school from the commencement of the 2018 school year.

To enable that to happen, the Elim Christian Proprietors Trust submitted an application to the Ministry of Education for an increase to its maximum roll. Such an application required sign off by the Minister of Education following extensive due process, the result of which would provide roll, staffing and operational funding for what would become known as Elim Christian College Mt Albert Campus.

A letter to the Elim Christian Proprietors Trust was subsequently received from the Hon Nikki Kaye, Minister of Education. In the letter, the Minister gave notification of her approval for “the establishment of a new campus for Elim Christian College in Mt Albert and an increase to the maximum roll”. The approved maximum roll of 350 on the Elim Christian College Mt Albert site will be staged process as requested by the MOE and as our site development progresses.

We praise God and return Him thanks for this most strategic and significant decision. We are now able to move immediately forward with what will be an intensive preparation process, so that Hebron Christian College will smoothly become Elim Christian College Mt Albert Campus and be fully operational for the commencement of the 2018 school year.

We are mindful of the need to move with suitable urgency with the end of the year fast approaching. To this end the matters of enrolment, staffing, Boards representation, curriculum programmes, uniforms, term dates and general operational planning will be uppermost in our actions. A question and answer page on the Elim Christian College website will now be drawn up to assist parents and online at www.elim.school.nz from Friday 13th October. Some initial questions and answers are attached. For any urgent and pressing enquiries please phone in the first instance Raewyn Openshaw on 021 2673217.

is our intention to hereby give notice that we will be holding a meeting for both the current Hebron community and any prospective parents on Monday evening 16 October, 2017, commencing 7.00pm. Venue TBA

In the weeks since the Memorandum of Understanding was signed and published, staff of both current schools have held a number of meetings. These meetings featured the enrolment process, finance, Y9-13 curriculum and a general staff meeting to facilitate relationship and initial planning. The proprietors / trust board have also begun a property readiness assessment.

There is now a regulatory process to proceed through with the MOE and ERO in order that both schools fulfil all requirements.

In Term 4 suitable arrangements will be made for a fitting acknowledgement of the legacy of Hebron Christian College in its current form and to acknowledge the significant contributions of the Principal Mr. Geoff Matthews and some of the long serving staff. The Hebron name and the founding contribution of The Life Trust will be recognised in an appropriate manner.

As we continue to work on details, we recognise the Lord has clearly opened up a very exciting future for the extension of Christian Education.

Yours in Christ
Rev Dr Colin Marshall
Chairman HEBRON Biblical Education Services Trust
Senior Minister Mr Luke Brough
Founder ELIM Christian Proprietors Trust



What happens to students currently enrolled?
All students currently enrolled at Hebron Christian College will be given first priority for enrolment in the new Elim Christian College Mt. Albert Campus. They will need to submit an enrolment form – these are immediately available on the Elim Christian College website: www.elim.school.nz

What is it with the Christian faith and Integrated Schools?

Integrated Schools are set up to cater for families who have lives consistent with the Special Character of the school. Only 6% of the school’s population can be outside of this. The detail of this can be read on the Elim Christian College website under Charter.

Who else can enrol?

Elim Christian College has a copy of the Hebron Christian College waiting list for 2018. A formal enrolment priority list is required under the Integration Agreement and this will be applied.

Annual Attendance Dues

What are the attendance dues that will now apply?

Attendance Dues have yet to be set for 2018. This is done in association with the Ministry of Education but they will be similar to what Elim Christian College has currently. In 2017 these have been: Attendance Dues $2640 + GST and Special Character Donation: $360 per student.


From 2018 all students will be in the Elim Christian College uniform. For those Hebron Christian College students who require a uniform for Term 4 this year, the new Elim Christian College uniform can be purchased.


What will happen with the current Hebron Christian College Staff? This is the subject of negotiation, employment considerations and operational requirements. Unless fiscal and programme restrictions prevent this, it is the intention to secure employment for existing Hebron staff, teaching and administrative for 2018. Some current designations may change.


What will be the Secondary Options for 2018?

This is currently being worked through and detailed advice will be provided as soon as possible in Term 4. We would anticipate all of the main offered subjects remaining available.