“By far and away the best school I attended...” bullet2

Parent & Student Feedback

What people say about Hebron Christian College

“Our children have all loved being educated and mentored at Hebron Christian College... tpt  shaz 1 1he quality of the teachers and the teaching delivery are extremely high. Most importantly, the learning experience has been tailored to ensure that each individual knows that they are deeply loved and uniquely created and are given broad opportunities to enjoy learning – and indeed excel – across all their God given talents. We sincerely appreciate the contribution that this school is having in impacting the next generation!” Peter Turner, Hebron parent, School Board trustee & company director.

David kelly

“Hebron would be far and away the best school that I went to. Fantastic teachers. Excellent leadership. Hebron turned my life around and was pivotal in helping to establish strong Christian foundations that have been at the core my life for every year since.” David Kelly, Chief Executive, Zeald (NZ’s leading website company) and former Hebron student.

simon bridges

“It was a great privilege attending Hebron Christian College. I made good friends and received great teaching. Most of all, I was enriched by the school’s strong biblical basis and foundation.” Simon Bridges, former Hebron student and Member of Parliament for Tauranga

Judith Moore



 “Hebron Christian College offers a foundation based on core biblical principles, academic, cultural and sporting excellence. Hebron’s supportive, nurturing and disciplined environment enables achievement. A Hebron education inspires potential and creates excellence.” Judith Moore, Barrister and former Hebron pupil

Parent Feedback:

*Survey May 2011
“The academic standard is high, and there are great expectations to step up. Its normal to expect to be leaders, to take charge and team play.”

“Hebron is a very nurturing school. The students are good caring kids and I love the smaller community and tight friendships.”

“I’ve never regretted the sacrifices we made to send our children here. It has set our children up for life.”

“My children are happier at Hebron. They have more enthusiasm for learning.”

“The greatest feature of a Hebron education is that they teach the students to be part of a community, not just thinking of number one.”

“We have exceptionally different kids, but the small classes has helped them both develop.”

“Hebron came with a high recommendation from friends and the school has definitely exceeded our expectations.”

“Our child has a learning disability... we’ve found a school that is positive about students with special needs.”

“Spiritually Hebron has exceeded our expectations, with an uncompromised Bible-based Christ-centred education. Spiritually I can think of no better thing to do. Every child could benefit from the Christian environment.”

“Hebron is a very good investment – you get far more than just schooling. The teachers have passion for the kids, it is not a job for them but their vocation.”

“I can’t speak highly enough of the school – Hebron is the best start you could give any child.”

What students say:

*Survey May 2011
“The senior school helps you move forward in your Christian life – really prepares you for the world... Going on the Mission trip was a big turning point in my life.” Leah Bennett, Yr 13 student

“My outlook has changed. Hebron has helped me to build my character.” Clarrence Molinyawe, Year 13 student

“The teachers are encouraging and uplifting. They have helped me to understand what my gifts are and showed me that I had the ability, I just needed to put in the effort.” Jackson Pollock, Year 13 student