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Year 9

Welcome to Year 9 (Class of 2017)


Year 9 is the first year of secondary education, and they will have new exciting experiences throughout the year.
Mrs Mathew, Mrs Ha and Mr Davidson are the form teachers who will be looking after and supporting their new journey. 
Hebron Christian College is..



I came to Hebron Christian College this year and I made good friends already. Hebron Christian College is a good school and I enjoy my school life so much. 

Hebron Christian College is a positive learning environment. All the teachers and friends are kind and friendly. I like that I can learn about God every day.
Hebron Christian College is a great school. All teachers encourage us and educates us with their warm hearts. The teachers share the bible verses with the students, which reflects and inspires to our education and school life in the positive way.
Hebron Christian College is the best school, because of the nice teachers and cheerful friends. I am blessed to be part of the Hebron.

Devotion Class

Devotion class is a valuable time for the students where notices for the day are given out and a brief spiritual message shared to set the students for the day. It is a good time too in terms of building up class unity. 

Devotion time is a great way to start the morning because we can praise and have God with us throughout the day. 
Devotion teachers are helpful and they look after students nicely all the time. Also the teachers and students help each other to build stronger relationship with God.
Devotions is really helping me with my relationship with God and I am learning more about the bible. 




My favourite subjects are science because I can do very fun experiments and look at the world in a different perspective. 
My favourite subject is Mathematics because the teacher always help me to learn in a fun way. Also I like Art, in Art we get to learn how to draw and paint. For drawing we get to do all the different ways of drawing, like shading and scrumbling.

My Favourite subject is P.E because it is an active subject, and I enjoy to exercise with my classmates. It helps me to fit and get strong.


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Camp 2017! 

The Year 9 enjoyed the camp so much! The camp facilities were excellent, the food was great, the students were amazing and the teachers had organised some challenging and interesting activities. The praise and worship time was most inspiring with a student worship band playing very well.

This year camp was my first secondary camp and it was good and fun. My favourite part of camp was swimming in the rain. 

I really enjoyed and liked the secondary camp this year. It was spectacular and there were so many things to do with friends. I enjoyed most of the activities.

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The latest Education Review Office Report (2013) on Hebron Christian College has been publicised on the Government ERO website.

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