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Year 13

Year 13 Composition (2016)

This year  we have the largest Year 13 in the history of Hebron with twelve boys and 10 girls. Joshua Scott and Brittany Collecutt  being our Head Boy and Girl and Matthew Long and Miracle Falaniko as our Deputy Head Boy and Girl. Devotion teachers (Form teachers) are: -
Mr. Breetvelt, Mr. Latailakepa and Miss WilliamsYear 13-555

Testimonies of our Head Boy and Head Girl: -

I came to Hebron in 2011 as a year 9 student who was unsure of what God wanted to do in my life. Hebron's incredible staff and encouraging peers have pushed me to excell and to become someone I am proud to be. I can say now, as a year 13 student that God has an incredible plan for me and I am so excited for what He has in store for me!



My name is Brittany. I am a year 13 student at Hebron Christian College and have been at this school half my life. This experience has been quite the journey, at times it has been hard, but overall very rewarding. Having a christian education gives you a totally different perspective on life. The community feel is cool and the teachers love to sow into our lives. 
Cheers Brittany.

2016 Secondary camp

campThe secondary camp was based at the Kauaeranga Valley Christian Camp just out of the Thames township in the Coromandel hills. there were 67 students, 6 teachers and and 7 parents who attended. 

Almost the whole group completed the 3 hour hike up to the Pinnacles,  almost vertical in places! And everyone achieved the goal, even physically-challenged students like Geneva Pankhurst (right) who even amazed herself with her heroic achievement. The weather was perfect and the views from the top of the pinnacles were spectacular. The hike to the Pinnacles was the high point of the camp for most, in more ways than one, and something the students and most adults had never done before.

Other activities at the camp were swimming, kayaking, water slide, archery, flying fox, low and high ropes, go karts and sports.
IMG 9168 IMG 9158
IMG 9180 IMG 9174
Emma and Mikkah, youth leaders from the Upper Room led the camp devotions, challenging the teenagers to live for God. The students were very attentive and related well to both of these inspiring youth speakers.
Thanks to the following parents for assisting with supervision: Mrs Nobbs, Mr Kitchen, Mrs Abrahams, Mr Chung, Mr Chauhan, Mrs Perich & Mrs Winson. And especially thanks to Mr Breetvelt for organising the camp and giving our students such a wonderful time in the outdoors.

Highlights of past Year 13 Activities
Year 13 Pizza Trip (a report by Elese Miller)Pizzas-190

Year 13 student gathered at Mr Breetvelt's house for some food and bonding time! We arrived and prepped our pizzas. Then Mr Breetvelt cooked them in his pizza oven while we enjoyed each other's company. It was really lovely having Mochas and Watermelon around the outside table in fellowship, reading and discussing the struggles Joseph in the bible faced and how we could apply the teaching to our every day lives. It was an overall enjoyable way to start off the last year of being a class together. I'm really excited to see our class bond and come together with these Friday activities and hope that it'll bring us closer to God as well as a class.

Highlights of past Year 13 Activities
Senior Hebron Ball

At a time when many Schools are wondering whether to continue offering Balls because of student behaviour and bad press, Hebron sees it as an opportunity to show that Balls can be a fun and an exciting time that is still God-honouring. The Senior Student leadership team have the responsibility for the organisation of the Senior School Ball. This year the Year 13 students have decided to hold the ball using the Laidlaw College function facilities. the team has been working hard to organize this event and are hoping to keep the cost down at a time when many of our students are also going to Africa with the mission team.

IMG 000(copy)(copy)

IMG Girls(copy)

IMG teachers(copy)

IMG group(copy)

Year 13 Activity

DSCF2409(copy)DSCF2453(copy)DSCF2463(copy)Activity this year has been a great way of getting to know one another better, as well as strengthening our relationships with God. It is also a nice break from our studies where we can put school worries aside for a moment as we talk about scripture, go ice skating or take baking across the road to Everill Orr. One of my highlights (I have many) was taking the visiting Japanese students ice- skating. It was a great time where we got exercise while chatting with the Japanese students, and getting to know them better. And, as a bonus, I only fell down a few times!
For me, preparing the school ball was a challenging but rewarding learning experience. I think we all got rather sick of each other for a while but then realised that if we wanted the ball to be a success we needed to work together. I think I’ve learnt communication skills and the art of compromising! At the end of it all, it was awesome to see all of our hard work turn into a reality, and seeing people enjoying themselves was so rewarding. In activity, we not only do physical things and community service, but also (probably most importantly) study biblical worldview. My favourite of these was going to Mr Breetvelt’s house for homemade pizzas and then doing a bible study, led by Mr Breetvelt. It was both delicious and educational! We discussed the parable of the Prodigal son, what it meant, and how it applies to our lives today. Over the whole year we have grown closer as a class and closer to God. I wish I could come back again next year!
Rachel Paton-Simpson Year 13

Year 13 Activity

The Year 13 class have an "activity" every 3rd Friday afternoon. They write:Today's activity was extreme rock climbing. We shed blood, sweat and tears out on the battlefield today. But although hard, we fought to the end, showing tremendous valour and determination. Our team left the building feeling victorious because we conquered our fears. Today we discovered the power of perseverance and the importance of not giving up till you reach the top. As the Apostle Paul so correctly stated, "We fought the good fight...."
Ruth Turner
P1090490 P1090468

Mino Gakuen Japanese High School VisitMino Gukuen-122

15 students and 1 teacher (Mr Ryohei Tajima) from Mino Gakuen High School, Osaka, Japan, arrived at our school on Tuesday afternoon and are now all billeted with Hebron families. They are enjoying their English language studies every morning in Room 15 and their teacher tells us they love the contact they are having with the Hebron buddies.

In fact Mr Tajima likes our school so much he wants to establish a sister school relationship and have our students visit Japan. perhaps we may do this when, one day, we bring on a second language, perhaps Japanese!

The students joined our Year 13 students and went ice skating at the Paradise Ice Rink in Avondale this afternoon.
DSC00084 DSC00075
DSCF3070 1 1

Snapshots of past Year 13 Activity events


Year 13 enjoyed paintball as part of their reward for bringing the most phones in the 'Phones for Rewards' 

Trash to Fashion Winner

We congratulate Kirsten Whittington (Y13) for winning the finals of this year's Schools' Trash to Fashion Competition at Corban Estate on Saturday night (03/09/2011). The judges said, "This is an outstanding achievement reached because of your ability to "wow" the judges with your creativity, skills and design ethos." Kirsten received a standing ovation at the primary and secondary assemblies where she showed off her amazing costume. Do we have another world famous fashion designer in our midst? This year's theme is "Aroha Auckland" so Kirsten designed and created her outfit on a "Waitakere Ranges/West Coast Beaches" theme using organic "trash". Items include Kauri bark, felted wool, Nikau husks and seed pods, skeleton leaves and flax. Some aspects of her costume took 3 months to make.

Literary Tabloid Sports Programme

Today (02/09/2011), the Literary Tabloid Sports programme took place with ourwonderful Year 13 students organizing fun activities centred around books. The primary children were grouped into 7 mixed-age groups and spent 15 minutes at each station in a Round-Robin programme. Lots of fun and laughter were heard at each group and this event helped to round off the week's literary emphasis.

Student Leadership Conference

[report from Year 13 students]
Last week, Year 13 students Leah Bennett, Clarrence Molinyawe, Dawn Chen, Aimee Humphries and Chelsea Gill, went to the Equip Leadership Conference at Kingsway College in Orewa. We were all encouraged by seeing other young people on fire for God. We were especially motivated listening to how God is working in other schools. The speakers exceeded our expectations. They encouraged servant leadership and inspired us to become authentic God-confident leaders.

DSC03225 1
Year 13 Careers Expo

This afternoon (10/06/2011), the Year 13s braved the cold and rain to visit 
the Coca Cola Careers Expo. Despite the dismal weather, spirits were high. For some it reinforced career paths, for some it challenged their pre-conceived ideas, and for some others it stimulated new ideas. All in all it opened their eyes to the numerous career options available from serving in the army to theology to medicine.

Year 13 run a Middle School sports afternoon

As part of their Activity programme, the Year 13 class spent Friday afternoon (13/05/2011) serving the students and teachers of our own Middle School by running a sports programme. The Year 13 students planned and ran a number of different activities which enabled them to practise their organisation and leadership skills. Students of rooms 10, 11 and 12 reaped the benefits, participating in playground races, rob the nest, touch rugby and other fun activities. If the volume was anything to go by, the Middle School students had plenty of fun. The nature of Hebron, with Primary and Secondary students on one site allows this kind of special interaction to take place. A big thank you to the Year 13 students from the Middle School students and teachers.

$1,100 for orphanage

In the first weekend of the school holidays, mother and daughter Chelsea and Debbie Gill along with five other Year 13 students and an ex-student ran a sausage sizzle at the Henderson Mitre 10 Mega store to raise money for the New Life Foundation orphanage in Tanzania. Working over the two weekend days, they sold enough sausages to raise $1,100! WOW! that is awesome guys!
DSC03511 2 DSC03495 2

DSC03499 2

Senior students give blood

For their community service the Year 13 students decided to donate blood at the NZ Blood Foundation in Epsom (25/03/2011). A total of 13 eager students participated in "saving lives". Each student donated 500 mL of blood which meant that 39 lives could be saved (1 bag for 3 people). For some it was a nerve-wracking experience, and for others went in with confidence. At the end of the day, they overcame their nerves and were grateful for the opportunity that presented itself.

World Vision Global Leadership Conference

The annual Global Leadership Conference, held on Wednesday (09/03/2011), was attended by Dawn Chen, Clarrence Molinyawe and Leah Bennett. These students represented Hebron very well in a context that included student leaders from all over Auckland and Northland. The speakers and activities were incredibly inspirational, so watch this space for Dawn, Clarrence and Leah to inspire our students to act out against hunger, particularly in Tanzania.

Year 13 Community Service

This afternoon (18/02/2011), the Year 13 students visited the Everill Orr Village as part of their community service activity. Some girls from the class baked muffins, some baked scones with fresh cream and jam, some made fudge and cakes. They served their baking with juice whilst serenading them with the violin, piano and the guitar. They also mixed and chatted with the residents, bringing a smile to some faces. They thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and are grateful for the experience. They were a testimony
Year 13 of 2017
Year 13 pic 17-893-790

We are the Years 13 students. At the start of every school day, we meet as a group, for our spiritual devotion. This is a time when we fellowship with each other and with guidance from our teachers. They will share their spiritual messages with us and these are centred on the teachings of the Bible. Sometimes they may talk about the experiences in their Christian journeys. We are also given opportunities to bear witness for Christ, by sharing our own experiences and blessings. For example, those of us who went on the mission trip to Tanzania spoke about how we clearly saw the hand of God in action. From time to time, we may also form clusters to pray for our school and others who may have special requests. 


'My name is Sarah Premkumar and I am the Head Girl of Hebron this year. Hebron has given me guidance and insight on how to grow in Christ and since being here I have really strengthened my relationship with God. After five years of being here, I will really miss Hebron next year'.


'My name is Lafi Aso. I have been attending Hebron Christian College since 2009. My parents made the best choice in sending me here because this school has taught me how to strive for excellence. Thanks to the wonderful staff at Hebron. I am a part of the Suburbs New Lynn U19 Prems Blue team and current Head Boy of this school'.



'I’m Rebekah and I would like to say that Hebron is a great school with a very Christian focused, nurturing environment. My class gets along so well and we all love learning and growing together in wisdom and maturity'. M


'My name is Austin and I have been coming to Hebron for the past four years. The teachers are always available to help you when you need them. Hebron has played a huge part in my life and has helped me overcome issues I have struggled with for my whole life. I'm glad to be the Deputy Head Boy this year'.


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