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Year 12

Year 12 of 2017

Class of 2015

Year 12 is currently one of the largest of our Secondary classes at Hebron. The twenty three students are a neat bunch who encourage and challenge each other. We were excited to welcome back Ilaria Perich; Ilaria left Hebron in Year 10 but has returned to complete her Secondary studies with us. Ilaria is already making waves and is booked in to set sail on the Spirit of Adventure at the end of Term 2!
Bryan Rajeyya is another new class member who is making a great contribution to Hebron's Worship Band, his impressive guitar skills and voice were on show at camp.

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To date a number of students in Year 12 have achieved brilliant results across the curriculum. Zach Turner was awarded 1st place in the Secondary category of our Hebron Speech Competition. He quite literally blew the judges away with his stella performance. Brittany Collecutt and Joshua Scott were also on top of their game with equal 2nd placings. Other memorable competitors were Matthew Long, Juliet Douglas and Kathryn Wang.


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Miracle Falaniko was a shining star at school camp, wowing us all with her running of the Talent Quest. This young woman sure knows how to work an audience... and what a voice!


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