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Year 11


Our class is made up of 12 amazing teenagers with wide backgrounds, abilities and interests. To start with, there are 5 boys and 7 girls but the boys don't feel outnumbered or dominated by the 7 girls because they have learnt to stand on their own feet and be manly! We also come from many nations including Samoa, Japan, Indonesia, India and Zimbabwe.
Lafi(copy) Rebecca(copy) Wil(copy) Keiko(copy) Austin(copy)
Hi. My name is Lafi Aso. I have been attending Hebron Christian College since 2009. My parents made a good choice in sending me here because this school has shown me that you can reach top marks. Thanks to the wonder staff at Hebron especially our principal Mr Matthews. Hi. I am Rebecca and I have been attending Hebron Christian College all of my school life. I think this is a great school with an awesome Christian education. I especially enjoy English and Social Studies. I hope to become a journalist and a photographer when I leave school. My name is Wiiliam but most people call me Wil. I came to Hebron Christian College last year and I am really enjoying the change of school. I was not working very hard at my last school but the teachers here are helping me to get better work skills and my grades are improving. Hello. My name is Keiko and I am an international student from Japan. I started coming to Hebron Christian College at the start of last year. It is a nice school and the teachers and students are really friendly and kind. I really enjoy this school. Hi. My name is Austin and I have been coming to Hebron for 2 years and I have found the smaller classes are great. The teachers are always available to give you help when you need it and give you a good understanding. And I have been to 8 schools in 3 years through moving house.
Logan Peter Kayla Sarah Thelma
Hi. My name is Logan and I have been coming to Hebron since 2008.I think Hebron Christian College is a really good school to go to. My favourite subjects are Art and English. I love drawing, shopping and watching movies in my spare time. My name is Peter and I have been at Hebron for 4 years. Hebron is the greatest school I have ever attended. I have found lots of friendly students and teachers to talk, to ask for help and to co-op. Also I like Hebron because they have boundaries and strict rules for students to obey: to be disciplined and friendly, eg no bullying nor cyber-bullying, which my old school didn't have. My name is Kayla Williams and I moved to Hebron in 2014 and I don't have anything negative to say about the education and learning environment the school offers. I have grown immensely in my faith thanks to my Bible and Evangelism and devotion teachers. My friends are really supportive too. My name is Sarah and I am part of the Year 11 class at Hebron Christian College. This school is very important to me because it was at a school camp that I gave my life to God. The small classes allows the teachers to invest a lot in our lives. I have only been at Hebron 2 year but wouldn't be anywhere else! My name is Thelma and I was born in Zimbabwe. I have been attending Hebron since the age of 6 years. I love the school and have made lovely friends here. I have also developed a strong bond with the Lord. I have a bubbly personality and love to talk. A big thanks to Mr Matthews for accepting me into the school and letting me learn here;.
James(copy) Nimichi Shawnai Lomu    
My name is James Boyd and I have been at Hebron for almost 4 years. Since coming to this school, I have been focussing more on my academic work and improving heaps. I have been given a wide range of opportunities to further my studies. I've also made some great friends. I am Tamichi and I started attending Hebron Christian College in 2005 and love the learning environment that Hebron provides. The teachers are positive and friendly which helps immensely with our classes. The Art, English and Social Studies courses are fantastic. My name is Shawnal and I am 15 years old. I have only been at Hebron Christian College for a short time but I like the school very much. The teachers are very helpful and always answer my questions. I am learning a lot better at this school. The students are great too    

Our Best Photos

Rebekah Cummins Photographs

Rebekah loves to take photographs and now posts her best shots on the national Geographic Photography website. Click here to see her webpage. Here are a few of the photos on her webpage.
Mitre Peak (360px) Sunset (360px)
Butterfly (360px) Flower (360px)
River (360px) Wharf (360px)

Peter Yuki's Photos

Peter & Skateboard (200px)

Our Best Jokes

Name Joke
Lafi Aso  
James Boyd  
Rebekah Cummins  
Austin Day  
Tamichi Iwabuchi  
Thelma Magengezha Student: Miss, will I get into trouble for something I haven't done? Teacher: No, why? Student: Because I haven't done my homework!
William Morgan-Lambert  
Sarah Premkumar Teacher: What is the formula for water? Student: H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O. Teacher: That's not what I taught you. Student: But you said the formula was H to O.
Keiko Shimizu Does Luke like any hot coffee or iced coffee? A: He likes just lukewarm coffee.
Logan Ware Q: Why did the bee cross its legs? A: It was looking for a BP station.
Kayla Williams Q: What did the bird say after he fell apart?  A: "Cheep, cheep!"
Peter Yuki Did you hear about the guy they found dead with his head in the cornflakes? The Police thought it was a cereal killer.


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